• Tips For Choosing The Best Video Production Firm

    Video production may sound easy, especially with advanced audio and video features designed into mobile devices. You can, essentially, make a decent video, edit a little, and upload to your blog, your Facebook page, your Twitter account, and wherever else on the Web. That is all well and good — for a hobby. However, when you need videos to represent your brand, deliver a message, and sell to your market, you are going to need more advanced equipment as well as video production experts.

    There are plenty of video production companies offering wide-ranging services. But there can only be one that fits your exact business needs. Consider the following tips to hiring your ideal video production firm.

    Look for diversity in the company’s portfolio
    You may need several different types of videos, not just the requisite product or service demos and company profiles with people just talking to the camera. You will need a video production firm that has done a variety of videos, from animated text and graphics to documentaries, with cut and edited live action footage. A diverse portfolio indicates wide-ranging expertise and experience.

    Scrutinise videos for creativity and efficacy
    Videos, be they promotional videos or how-to videos, need to be engaging as well as effective in delivering the message. Did you enjoy the two-minute demo? Were you able to recall the brand after watching the four-minute company profile? Did the videos have decent production values (e.g. good lighting, crisp audio, etc.)? When looking through the video production’s works, consider the creativity and efficacy in presenting the message.

    See about the results
    Find out whether the objectives for certain videos were met successfully. Did a web video campaign help a client increase its sales for a certain product? Did a website gain more traffic with a video posted on YouTube? Did a corporate video allow another company to improve its branding in a specific market segment? If the video production company has been able to communicate the client’s message and delivered favourable results, according to the objective, then that video production company will be able to do the same for your business.

    Consider the services that come with your video production
    Finally, all good videos are borne out of good ideas and organised planning, and not just perfect execution. Your video production firm should be able to offer project management that can take your video from concept to script, from planning to execution, and you should be sufficiently informed every step of the way.

    Sarah Miller is a business consultant who spends her time writing articles about the different aspects of running a business. She follows websites like http://webvideo.net.au/ and continues to learn about the most recent and effective ways of improving business marketing, sales and performance.

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