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Calculate the closing costs before signing the deal!

When you make a real estate purchase, it is necessary to make an exact estimate of the closing costs so that you get prepared to meet the expenses. While you can compare the rates on some of the items related to closing, the others are based on the choice of the lenders or the brokers. However, you can try to reduce the cost through negotiation with the lender or the broker. By making calculations the cost can be determined exactly.
What are the different fees involved?
Almost all the loans cost you origination fee which is due to the efforts and time taken for the processing of loan. Documentation of the okay credit loan and creating the file need to be paid and this is included in the origination cost for the loan. Some of the lenders charge for providing a specified rate of interest. The charge is a specified percentage of the principal of the loan and is termed as ‘points’ and one point is equal to one percentage of the loan amount.
It could be understood from the lender about the charges that you might have to bear for the closing. The value of the property is to be estimated to determine the loan amount. The appraisal cannot be expected to be same with the lender and the tax assessor. The credit report is reviewed by the lenders when you apply for loans. Some of the lenders charge you for the cost involved in getting the copy of your credit report from the credit bureaus. If the property concerned is located within a flood zone or is prone to natural calamities, the lenders might require you to have possessed additional insurance.
The cost due to title insurance differs for different locations. The title insurance is required to ensure that the property’s title is clear while it is being sold. The lender is concerned about the legal issues related to the property. The title recording costs also vary for different locations and the lenders include these in the closing costs. It is essential to make a thorough analysis before you choose the loan provider. The services offered by the lenders can be compared while making the choice. Some of the lenders can give reference to survey professionals to understand the details about the location of the concerned property.
The property taxes for vary with the location. The history of the taxes on the property can be obtained from the agent who deals with the concerned property or from the tax office or from the city where the property is located. The auto insurance agent can be approached for home insurance so that there is the possibility to get a discount in the package. It is recommended that all the terms in each of the proposals are considered when you compare the insurance policies. The insurance is expected to include the coverage of the damage that might be caused to the property, the personal possessions and so on.
The initial deposit should meet the expenses due to property taxes and the insurance of the home owner. The fees charged by the agent should not be overlooked as the fees are generally around 7% of the sale price of the property. The fee is divided into two if the buyer of the property and the seller of the property have different agents. The mortgage lenders stress on the property appraisal to ensure that the property is worth the amount of loan applied for. You might be required to bear the fees due to the property estimate. Depending on the market value of the property, you can gain through mutual negotiation for the benefit of both the buyer and the lender.

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The Types and Scope of Writing

Writing jobs are gaining momentum. Other than the traditional jobs that included being a novelist or a journalist, today the scope is much more. Let us see what the different types of writing jobs are in market today, their demand world-wide and the countries that are highly hiring writing professionals.

 Good writers are very valuable at a workplace and writing itself is an important communication tool that connects one person to the world. With the advancement of technology, there are many field that use writers in order to be heard. There are some myths about writing jobs and due to these it sometimes becomes very difficult to choose writing as a career. Writers are in demand everywhere, from advertising firms, to technical writers, to writing content for SEO to writing for a newspaper, the options are numerable. Some of the most popular, in demand and highly paid writing jobs are:

·         Copywriter

Copywriters write for the purpose of marketing or advertising. Also commonly called as commercial writers, they develop content for websites, articles and books and edit them for sales purpose. Copywriting is a lucrative career and many companies look for writers that help them in increasing their sales.

·         Technical Writer

A professional writer who engages in technical writing in order to produce a technical document is basically a technical writer. Technical writing includes writing directional manuals, creating software manuals or revising manuals. One can write for any particular industry. These can be full time or part time jobs. On an average the annual pay of a technical writer is about $63000 and they have an hourly rate of $150.

·         Science Journalists

Magazines like the National Geographic and Earth magazines that cover a lot of topics related to science, look readily for science journalists. Science journalists are different from newspaper journalists as they have an expertise in a particular subject and can deliver the best in that field. The specialized knowledge gives them a bright potential and a high pay.

·         Free Lancing Writing

Among the top 20 work from home positions, a writer is at number one. It is one of the ways where a writer can comfortably earn a good amount of money by working from home. The writers can find themselves jobs like writing for magazines, for some websites, proof reading and editing the content.

Other than the above mentioned business writing is one of the most important parts of writing today. Though the profession is not directly related to writers and people who are responsible for business writing are managers rather than writers. Marketing Communication managers are responsible for writing important stuff on which the business of an organization hugely depends. An effective business communication is required in today’s competitive world. The three big reasons why business writing makes a difference in working of an organization are:

·         Important business decisions are made based on what you write

·         Your business writing makes a strong impact on the personal image of the manager and equally affects the corporate image

·         Thirdly, there is a personal benefit attached to it. People who communicate effectively make more business and tend to grow at a faster rate. 

Therefore business writing is one of the most important tool by which an organization can build a brand and generate good business. Organizations all over the world look for effective business writers who can create a positive impact of their company in the market. 

Why choose writing as a career?

Choosing writing as a profession is not only interesting but also challenging. It brings a new challenge every day to create something that increases business effectively and brings a new dimension. The role of a writer lets you grow professionally with endless opportunities to learn and do something new. Being a writer you get to work for different products, domains, tools and technologies. There are various areas to choose from in order to avoid monotony.

Added advantage of being a writer is that there is no specific qualification to become a writer. It’s the creativity that takes you to the next step.

The Scope of Writing Jobs

Writing as a profession has a lot of scope. Every organization looks for people who can write well in order to sell their or make a brand image or document an important procedure. A writer can explore various areas like creative writing, fiction writing, SEO web content writing, editing, proofreading and blogging. Apart from mainstream journalism, that has always been in the limelight of writing jobs, the above mentioned writing jobs are becoming popular all around the world. In India, e-commerce industries look for good content writers in order to increase the traffic and business for their websites. There are many ways by which companies can increase the rate of return on content marketing. 

So now when you know the different options of writing, their growing demand and world-wide presence, choose a profession that makes you happy in regards of interest and money both. 

Author Bio: Akansha Arora is a professional writer and blogger at NaukriGulf.com. She is happy to pen down her views for various domains like career advice, real estate and more that interest her. Follow her at akansha.arora2112@gmail.com

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How to Manage The Most Stressful Situations

Dealing with stressful situations in everyday life is never easy, especially when you begin to feel overwhelmed or unable to cope on your own. Learning how to manage even the most stressful situations is a way for you to get a hold on your own life without feeling out of control. Understanding a few different methods of managing stress whether it is relationship based or stemmed from financial woes is a way for you to gain perspective to allow yourself to live happily again.

Assess Your Situation In-Depth

Although considering your situation at the moment may be difficult, assessing your situation and the challenges you are facing is essential in order to overcome them with strength and perseverance. Assessing what is triggering you to feel stressed will allow you to gain more perspective on the options you have available to take to help relieve you from the stress itself.

Meditate and Practice Mindfulness

Meditating and practicing mindfulness is another way to handle even the most stressful and dire situations life brings to you. Meditation and the practice of mindfulness is a way to alleviate stress by physically and mentally calming the body from the inside out.

Consider a Professional Debt Settlement Service

If you are struggling financially and you are stressed or depressed over your current income or debt you owe, consider working with a professional debt relief company, like Paddon & Yorke Inc, to help create a working plan for your future and the future of your family. Working together with professionals can help to get the collectors to stop calling you and to begin working with you on a plan that is affordable for you.

Accept Faults and Failure and Move On

Any time you are struggling with stress and anxiety, it is essential to accept any faults and failures you have and move on. Holding on to the past, regretting and holding grudges will not only keep you upset and stressed, but it will stop you from moving forward with your own life by allowing yourself to be free from the stress yourself.

Understanding how to go about managing the most stressful situations you are presented with in your life is a way to gain more control over any decisions you make regarding your future and how you take on new challenges. The more you become self-aware of your decisions, their results and how you can go about affecting them, the easier it is to make wiser decisions in your own life to help with avoiding stress altogether.

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Getting Married? 4 Things You Should Do Immediately

Many couples who are planning a wedding focus so much on the details of the ceremony and reception that they overlook the big picture. While you certainly want to plan a dream wedding for this once-in-a-lifetime event, you also need to remember that a wedding joins your two lives together in many ways. After you are married, your finances will be linked. Because of this, there are four things you should do immediately if you are planning your wedding.

Buy Life Insurance

Regardless of the income level of both spouses, life insurance can benefit you in a number of ways. This is coverage that provides cash benefits to a beneficiary in the event of death. It can be used to pay off outstanding debts, like credit cards and a home mortgage. It can also be used to supplement lost wages that the other spouse may be dependent on. Some life insurance policies, such as a universal policy, may be used for long-term financial planning purposes. Consider shopping for a new life insurance policy today.

Shop for New Auto Quotes

Many auto insurance providers offer a discount to married couples, and you may save money on your coverage when you combine policies. This can also simplify your finances because you will only have one auto insurance premium to worry about rather than two. Keep in mind that you may qualify for additional discounts when you purchase your homeowners or life insurance through the same company.

Consider a Prenuptial Agreement

A prenuptial agreement is not necessary for all married couples. However, if either of you have a considerably greater net worth than the other or if you are bringing other assets into the marriage, protecting yourself from financial loss with a prenuptial agreement is wise. A prenuptial agreement essentially outlines the terms of a divorce. Because it is negotiated up-front when both parties are amicable, it can be beneficial to have a prenuptial agreement.

Review Your Financial Accounts

Finally, review all of your financial accounts. You may consider combining some accounts, such as your checking and savings accounts. You may add your spouse as a co-signer on your credit card so that both of you can contact the company about financial matters that may arise. You may also add your spouse as a beneficiary to a retirement account. Speaking with an experienced Brooks financial planning representative, like those at Thomson Schindle Green Insurance & Financial Services Ltd, will help you and your future spouse to know what to do in the coming days.

While you may be focused on the many details associated with planning a wedding, it is also important to focus on the big picture. When you get married, your lives are joined in many ways. Because of this, consider following these tips today.

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Why Should You Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

A person is entitled to compensation for his wound if he has suffered injury due to someone else’s deliberate or even inadvertent action. However, in most of the cases, the victims don’t receive any compensation for the damages they have sustained and medical expenses as well. The insurance companies, more than often, underpay their clients in such cases, being fully aware that laymen have no knowledge of legalities. This is why one needs a personal injury lawyer to get justice in terms of punishment for the wrongdoer as well as just compensation from the same. 

For an injury victim, the post-accident phase is very difficult to cope with. This is a whirlwind period that the injured suffers in terms of not only physical pain but also mental trauma regarding whether he could return to full fitness and how to pay bill for rising medical expenses. Financial worries press hard on those with low or modern level of per capita income. Even before getting out of their physical and mental distress, the victims need to take some crucial decisions including how to proceed with the case. First and most importantly, he needs to decide as to hiring an eminent Personal injury lawyer

If the injured has a valid medical insurance policy, he will be duly compensated for all of his medical expenses for rehabilitation purpose. However, the process of reimbursement for medical costs is lengthy and tricky one and at the end of the day, he may return empty-handed. If the insurance provider refuses to pay what the victim is entitled to receive in the event of an accident-related injury, services of an experience Personal injury lawyer is what may help you a lot. 

The insurance companies often apply some smart professional tricks to misguide the injured persons so that they can underpay them. The most commonly used tricks are as follows:
  • The spokespersons of these insurance companies try to socialize with the victims or their family members who don’t have any attorney to represent them. They are keen on an out-of-court settlement than handing the right amount of compensation to the victims. 
  • They put their best effort to collect all non-significant information for claim settlement. To deprive the victims, the insurance companies ask them to table unnecessary documents only to discard these as incomplete. This is later cited as the reason for underpayment or nonpayment of compensation asked for. 
  • They try to wreck moral strength of the victims by deliberately dragging the procedures. 
  •  They often invade into the private matters of the victims and unveil their medical history with an intention to establish that the injured are in fact, responsible for the accident and so cannot qualify for compensation.  
All these problems will be solved if a reputed persona linjury lawyer is hired. The person is in possession of in-depth knowledge regarding legalities involved in such cases. Being a specialist in this niche of law, he will be able to make sure that his client gets the justified amount of compensation. An insurance company always has a lawyer to speak on their behalf, why won’t you hire an attorney to represent your case in court?

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Merits of No-Medical Life Insurance

With uncertainty being a part of our daily life, having a life insurance policy is almost like a compulsion these days. It provides an assurance that even when you will be no more in this world, your near and dear ones will be looked after. This is because you have been pragmatic in your life. However, choosing insurance coverage often requires the applicants to go through a medical exam. The results help the insurers effectively assess the amount of risk involved in providing insurance to the person in question and whether it will be right to accept or deny the application. 

Most of the prospective life insurers would rather go for insurance coverage that does not require them to undergo medical examination. They fear their application might be rejected and they may have to spend a fortune to buy an insurance policy due to their existing medical condition or pre-medical report. Fortunately, there is no-medical insurance for these people who cannot qualify for usual policies owing to their unfavorable health condition. Some strong reasons in favor of going for no-medical exam are listed and explained as follows:

Least Time for Approval

This is an era where many people live a fast-paced life. So squeezing time to undergo a medical exam for a life insurance policy purchase is simply difficult to manage and least wanted. Moreover, some intending buyers have an urgency to buy a new insurance policy. This could be due to different reasons – to apply for a loan, to go for a trip or something else. In such cases, insurance policy processing must be done first; otherwise the applicant may miss the bus. Whatever the reason is for not wanting to undergo a medical exam, nothing can be a better solution than no-medical insurance.

Mental Peace

Medical tests to qualify for an insurance buy often prove a stumbling block for people who are either unwilling or unable to undergo such process. However, a thorough medical check-up is not always mandatory to buy an insurance policy. Knowing that you will be able to buy an insurance plan without being required to undergo medical exams will give you enough peace of mind. What is more, such unconventional policies will not provide you with less amount of coverage. In reality, these will reduce your hazards to a minimum level. 

Guaranteed Approval

A healthy and young person experiences no hazards while purchasing a life insurance policy that involves medical tests. This is because they are sure of passing the exams. But that is never the case with people not having an impressive medical standard or report. No-medical insurance is highly recommended for this group who cannot avail insurance coverage owing to several risk factors involved in medical tests, including old age, health hazards, unhealthy lifestyle, record of some serious disease, existing ailments etc. Therefore, if a person, who is suffering from terminal illness, wants to buy an insurance policy that will cover his medical expenses as well as funeral cost, a non-medical plan is worth an investment.

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Death Penalty – Is It Justified

When it comes to argument on death penalty, some people are in favor of it while the rest are against. Those who think capital punishment should not be abolished want eye for an eye. They believe if a person commits a heinous crime like killing someone, the only punishment for the perpetrator of the crime is to take his life. Such kind of punishment is often demanded by those who are close to the victim though not always. Others have moral and religious obligations in respect of death punishment as according to them, taking the life of anyone, no matter how gruesome crime he has committed, cannot be justified. 

Arguments against Capital Punishment

The problem with most of the people is they fail to understand that death penalty often costs a wrongdoer more than his life. Almost a line of appeals, legal procedures etc drag the case and that make many prisoners who are sentenced to death suffer for 10-15 years or more in jail. They also argue that by awarding death to an at-fault person, a court can never send that message that killing someone is a crime because it is doing the same wrong thing. Another ground of argument they offer is capital punishment is the easiest one to serve for a prisoner. Many are of the view that life in prison is worse as suffering lingers for a long time rather than having it ended immediately. 

Last but not the least, there is horrifying possibility that an innocent may be put to death. It cannot be expected that the courts will always be right and after the person is hanged till death, there is no chance to bring him back to life.  

Arguments in Favor of Capital Punishment

People who want death penalty to be sustained often argue that every system of justice is based on a fundamental principle that punishment must fit the nature of crime and also the extent of its cruelty. So capital punishment is defensible if someone has perpetrated a crime or is involved in such an activity that has caused grave damages to the victim and that must not be confused with the kind of revenge that justifies killing someone is return. If these culprits are imprisoned, someday they may escape or may be released on parole and there is a chance that they will kill again. Even they may kill another prisoner who is serving sentence for a less atrocious crime. So the best is to remove them in order to ensure safety for the society. 

It is only the justice system that can reduce the chance that they will kill again by handing death penalty to them. 

The Verdict

There is no doubt that death penalty has its own set of pros and cons. And most surprisingly, most of the pros can be argued as cons and vice versa. Furthermore, technology has improved so much over the years that some of the strongest arguments against death punishment have become less important. For example, the argument of mistakes and an innocent being punished are not longer strongly valid as there is less chance of errors nowadays with advanced DNA processing. 

Fear is a psychological phenomenon inherent in everyone and it is true for even those who take life of someone. So allowing them to live in the mainstream society leaves others’ life at risk. Death penalty is the most effective sentence that can deter them from committing further crime.

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