Friday 5 July 2013

Buying Tips From Real Estate Agents

A house is perhaps one of the biggest investments that individuals or families will ever make in their lifetime. From the day a young man moves out of his family's home to pursue his studies, and eventually his career, he is likely to transfer from one apartment to another in search of the right living arrangements to meet his needs. Roommates, faulty plumbing, moving van dilemmas, interior design foul-ups — all of these will be part of the experience of carving out a life for himself under a roof that he would temporarily call home.


Buying Tips From Real Estate Agents

Once he has made the decision to spend the rest of his life with one particular person (or two, if a young one is already on its way), however, it would be a good time to sit down and discuss whether an apartment would still be the best living setup for the growing family. Of course, newlyweds or new parents would want a bigger space to accommodate a family that may grow bigger and bigger as the years pass, but this does not come cheap. Investing in the right home will need to be thought through and handled carefully, and for this purpose, consulting professionals such as real estate agents would be the logical next step.


Here are some of the best buying tips provided by seasoned real estate specialists:


1. Make a shortlist of your preferred living locations.

These locations must naturally suit your family's current lifestyle; the central business district must be a short distance away if that's where you work, for example, or there are nearby shops, dining spots, gyms and wellness centres, or public parks for your recreational activities. As you choose the locations, you should also take note of the affordability and accommodation factors of a certain location.


2. Look up the property sales information on the locations you have specified.

Alternatively, you can also check out, for example, real estate agents' sales. You can visit properties in your preferred areas to get a feel of the type of houses that different prices or budgets can fetch you.


3. Get in touch with professionals.

A home loan consultant can speak with you and arrange the best loan to meet your needs. A sales agent from the company specialising on the area you have chosen can also give you additional advice on any properties in the vicinity or alert you to new available listings before they are released into the media.


4. Real estate agents will send a copy of the sale contract to your solicitor once you have found a property to your liking.

They can also help you arrange for a pest and building inspection to determine whether the house has any pest or stability concerns.


Once these initial steps are done, you will now have sufficient information and advice to make a serious informed decision considering the purchase of the property. Once you have decided that you have found the best house for your family and current situation, estate agents will guide you through the process of making an offer on the property and finalising the successful acquisition of a home for your future.

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