Thursday 29 August 2013

Armani Glasses: Choosing Your Online Designer Eyewear Retailer

When it comes to designer eyeglasses, Armani is a name that often comes on top of the list. The brand is very elite and exclusive – in the recent past, not every average income earner could claim to own a pair of Armani glasses without raising a few eyebrows here and there. Its impressive product line traces the ties that bind perfumery, fashion, accessories, and jewellery. All the big and small pieces are highly coveted – and highly priced – like precious gemstones. And every single item is considered not just for its beauty or functionality, but more so for the lifestyle of luxury it represents and brings to mind.

With the advent of globalisation and Internet shopping, Armani pieces have started to shift from being elite products to being smart investment items. The prices remain high brow in exclusive boutiques in London, UK and other shopping districts in the world, but everyone knows that anyone can now purchase designer frames and lenses at more reasonable prices from an online optical shop.

The choice of your online shop will determine the outcome of your shopping experience. Beware of shops who offer unbelievably low prices, as there are a lot of them offering cheap knockoffs from the black import market. When looking for an online eyewear shop, make sure they are a registered and official retailer of Armani glasses and all other brands they represent. Their merchandise should come with a guarantee from the manufacturer, which often comes in a form of a certificate of authentication. Each pair must also be complete with the case and accessories, a mark of genuineness.

It’s also important to check the variety of merchandise. This is especially crucial if you’re wearing corrective eyewear, and if you have an eye prescription that requires you to wear specific styles such as varifocals, bifocals, reading glasses and spectacles. Leading optical shops usually have an in-house optician who takes your prescription details when you make an order, ensuring the pair is customised according to the specs and measurements you require.

Lastly, make sure the Web-based shop you go to is fully equipped with powerful anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-hacking software to protect your information and prevent you from being a victim of identity theft. Check if their payment channels are the most trusted in the industry, and study their privacy policies to make sure your sensitive financial and personal data are accessible only by the vendor and the payment system. With some research and shopping savvy, you’ll soon be a proud owner of an Armani.

Abigail Mae Prescott is a fashion enthusiast and a freelance writer. She is very much interested in knowing the latest fashion trends nowadays, thus, she usually checks out Fashion Eyewear for the latest collection of designer eyewear.

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