Monday 19 August 2013

Prior To Spanx, There Was Nancy Ganz

You may never have to grace the red carpet, but there will be many times in your life when you wish you had a flatter tummy, a tinier waist, and, generally, that Coca-Cola bottle body that women are expected to have. In a land and time where genes and lifestyle automatically cooperate to make this hour-glass figure more naturally occurring, tools to achieve it need never exist. In this world, however, they are essential to attain that semblance of physical perfection.

Body shaping is a concept that has been around for a long time. Ever heard of the term “ladies swooning”? No modern woman would be caught dead behaving this way, but you really shouldn’t be so hard on the ladies of yore. The fainting gimmick really stems from having had their corsets laced too tightly in order to adopt a ridiculously small waist. History, unfortunately, proves that most women would stop at nothing for vanity’s sake. Thankfully, technology has worked in their favour and body shaping is now possible through less punishing methods.

Early in the new millennium, Hollywood women were raving about some new-fangled undergarment designed to flatten the tummy and force the rest of the female silhouette into submission. It was regarded as a miracle product and women all over were all but set to erect a statue in honour of its inventor. Little did they know that across the Pacific in the land Down Under, the concept had already been explored a decade earlier and resulting products had since been commercialised to launch Nancy Ganz as one of the world’s pioneering shapewear brands.

It all began with the modernisation of that unglamorous contraption called the girdle, which admittedly has a name with an unattractive ring to it, like it should have gone away with the dodo alongside another unappealing breed of underwear: the granny panties. In any case, employing technical fitting expertise and making use of innovative fabrics, Nancy Ganz was able to produce a range of garments that effectively sculpt and smooth the body, targeting common problem areas.

Nancy Ganz offerings are all contemporarily sleek and elegantly sexy, designed to make a woman’s body look and feel firmer and fitter. Its collection includes shapewear in the form of camisoles, bodysuits, swimsuits, briefs, slips, shorts, and leggings; after all, the midsection is not the only trouble spot. Besides the tummy or midriff, women also commonly bemoan their hips and thighs.

Women come in all shapes and sizes, and the female body should be celebrated in its realistic form, but there are times, important events when perfection is called for. For moments like these, your investment in the appropriate shapewear is the very thingto come to your rescue.

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