Sunday 25 August 2013

Raising Productivity, Curbing Hazards With Machine Guarding Standards

Safeguarding the safety of your employees who work with and around machines is not just about eliminating risks that lead companies to go to court and avoiding steep fines to cover workplace injuries sustained by an employee. Securing worker safety is also, at its very core, good business. Apart from giving proper employee training on machine operation and implementing occupational health and safety policies, using machine guarding standards would also go a long way towards guaranteeing an injury- or accident-free workplace.

Enhanced Machine Safety, Enhanced Productivity
Hazards can present themselves differently with varying machines. Some factories may be using machines that need continual maintenance and worker intervention so that they function. Other factories may have purchased machines without installing proper safety guards. Then there are factories with machines that may still compel workers to strap steel cables to their wrists in order to prevent their limbs from being caught. With each failure or oversight to enhance — or even implement — machine safety, your business is likely to experience downtime from broken down equipment or accidents that cause production delays and incur additional costs.

When your business focuses on improving machine safety standards, you inevitably increase productivity and decrease further costs. However, it should be noted that machine safety guarding is not as simple as adding interlocked guards or using self-adjusting guards to certain machineries. The most sufficient approach to guaranteeing the benefits of safety guards is to look into the custom-built machinery Adelaide experts design, manufacture, and maintain.

Integrated and Networked Safety Systems
In the past, if machine guards were merely an after-thought in building machines, today, these safety instruments have become a critical aspect in the design of the machine, and in some cases, even crucial in the sort of facility it will be used in. Machine manufacturers and installers in Adelaide now consult businesses as to the specific application of the machine and even consider the machine operator’s input as well as future requirements for upgrades. The design stage may also call for careful examination into the machinery repairs Adelaide service providers have to offer. These consultations and considerations pave the way for better designed, safer machines.

With advances in technology, some machine manufacturers are now also able to incorporate systems like programmable logic controllers that enable automatic safeguarding. An automatic safety network is especially essential for factories or plants that operate on complex machines and controls that use multiple emergency stops and actuators.

With the presence of safety guards, the implementation of better machine design, and the use of new technology, businesses can make production deadlines without sacrificing worker safety — and profit goals are more likely to be achieved. So think safety first when it comes to the machines your workers use. And your business will — inevitably — do well.

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