Friday 9 August 2013

San Jose Convenience: Benefits Of Home Automation

San Jose might not have the reputation for the hustle and bustle of bigger cities like Los Angeles or New York City but that doesn’t mean we all just sit around wasting our days on the sofa. We all have busy lives and sometimes keeping up with the pace of life in the “technology age” can feel a little overwhelming. Ironically, however, it is cutting edge technology that can best help us to simplify. Home automation is sweeping the country as the newest way to add convenience around the house. If you are unfamiliar with home automation or perhaps a little wary to introduce new technology as a way to simplify, then here are a handful of benefits you might want to consider.

1. Home Automation Can Save You Time

The world today moves at a blistering pace so every second is valuable. Home automation allows you to handle many of the routine, but often time consuming, tasks around the home simply and quickly. Forgot to turn off the oven before heading to your kid’s soccer game? With home automation in place there is no need to turn around because you can control those types of features right from your smartphone. Home automation offers a nearly endless list of little time savers like this.

2. Home Automation Allows for Mobile Appliance Control

A fully automated home allows you full control even when you aren’t in the home. Forgot to turn the bedroom light off before leaving on a vacation? Just turn it off from your phone before getting on your airplane. Didn’t have time to adjust the thermostat before heading off to work? Not looking forward to the hour it takes for your house to cool down after boosting the air conditioner when coming home from work? You can adjust the internal temperature of your home through a home automation system so that you can conserve energy while you’re away but also have comfortable temperatures the second you walk in the door.

3. Home Automation Gives You Control on the Run

Whether it’s door locks, porch lights, the thermostat or nearly every other home appliance, home automation allows you to monitor and take control from virtually anywhere. Nearly all home automation systems available can be synced with iPhones, Androids, tablets and laptops so that you can be in control from any place that you have service or Wi-Fi.

4. Home Automation Ends up Saving You Money

What is more convenient than saving money? Home automation will require some level of initial investment (with the hypercompetitive nature of home security there are plenty of affordable options out there) but in the long run it will pay for itself and then some. Home automation ensures that your home is running as efficiently as possible so you will find a good chunk being cut off of your monthly utility bill and that adds up quickly. So not only does home automation buy you peace of mind, it buys you savings too!
Lindsey Patterson is from San Jose, California and often works as a freelance writer for Vivint, helping others with home safety and security.

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