Saturday 31 August 2013

Quick Renovation Tips to Raise the Value of Your Property for Sale

There are many reasons that might cause you to consider putting your house out for sale – you might have found a job in a different city; you might need a bigger house because you have a kid on the way; you might have just inherited it after Aunt Dorothy's passing (but you don't really want the place because the woman was a bit strange and a whole lot of crazy); and then there's the good old  debs... Whatever the case, I'm pretty sure you want to get the most out of your property. The problem is that no matter how good a care you've taken of a house, in the end it's always in a pretty bad shape because, you know – people live there. That's why there are certain renovations you will have to make in order to raise the value a little. Don't worry, it's mainly cosmetic changes – it's pretty similar to what some women do when they want to convince us they are more beautiful than they really (with their make-up, new clothes and shoes); by the time you realize the truth, it's too late.

Fresh paint

Nothing says a woman is pretty like a ton make-up on her face (well, actually, too much make-up speaks of the opposite, but don't tell that to some ladies). Anyway, my point is that the same rule applies to a house. A new paint will give your house a much newer and fresher appearance which will significantly raise the value of the estate. Put yourself in a potential buyer's shoes – would you buy a house that looks new or would you buy one that looks old and even though it costs less, you know you will have to do much renovation? If you're a sensible person, you go with the one that's shown some interest in his estate. Think about it this way – if you've put enough attention to detail as to renovate your estate before you sell it, then buyers will be happy about it because they won't have to do it themselves. Furthermore, it gives the impression that you've taken a good care of the house while you were living there. All of those impressions are absolutely subconscious but that doesn't make them any less potent.

Doors and Window frames

Now is a perfect time to replace old doors and window frames, broken windows, etc. If you have nothing to replace (good for you) then just repaint them, as well. Carefully wash the windows. You want your house to look as new as possible (there should be no trace of Aunt Dorothy's activities). When painting, try using neutral colors – the fact that you might like a green house with purple windows doesn't necessarily mean other people would enjoy living in the Incredible Hulk. Take this into consideration when choosing the colors.

Broken Tiles and Other Cosmetic changes

If there are old broken tiles, replace them. Go around the house and think about what might make a bad impression on a potential buyer (by thinking what makes a bad impression on you) and fix it. Make sure you put enough attention to detail – you don't want the value of your property taking a dive due to something minor. 

Don't forget the pathway to the property, as well. That's the first thing that makes an impression. All of these aspects are really small and will cost you just a few bucks to fix, but they will seriously raise the value of your estate. You might even have something left after you deal with the loan sharks...

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