Wednesday 4 September 2013

Headhunters Dubai Agencies Employ Respond To The Increase In Demand For Their Services

Foreign workers from other Middle Eastern countries are packing up for Dubai. Recent reports reveal that a great number of engineers, CAD operators, Web developers, nurses and other professionals from countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and even Qatar are looking into job opportunities in Dubai. Apart from the more liberal working conditions, most of them also prefer how Dubai is more family-friendly and there are companies that actually support employees’ desire to bring their families along. Compared to other Middle Eastern nations, UAE has more provisions for recreation other than luxurious shopping. In Dubai, the royal family is set on proving (time and again) that the impossible can be made possible in the city, so it definitely has more to offer to people who want to emigrate and bring their families. Worth mentioning as well is how the city is most tolerant of other cultures and even religious beliefs that people can find in the strongly restrictive region.

Another factor contributing to this is the political unrest in other parts of the Middle East. The UAE has become a haven for foreign workers where people of different cultures know how to co-exist peacefully. In Dubai especially, about 80% of the population is composed of foreigners from Asia, Europe, Africa and America and the local governing body is committed to preserving the contribution of this populace to the city’s economic status. Expats and foreign contract workers feel very safe staying in Dubai despite the bloody turmoil in neighbouring countries.

These situations have increased the demand for headhunters. Dubai recruitment agencies have been reported to be back in the game after the slump caused by the global recession which had multinational corporations outsourcing some aspects of their business operations to countries with much lower wages. The booming engineering industry of the city has become the target of engineers from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar’s own industrial companies and these professionals are signing up for the assistance of headhunters in Dubai so they can easily relocate and immediately find work. While the wages do not really have a great discrepancy, the lifestyle factor is definitely a big player in the decision of these professionals to relocate to Dubai.

Recruiting agencies are coping well in accommodating engineers because Dubai has numerous developmental plans already in the works for the future that require the skills and experience of engineers coming from Middle Eastern countries. As for healthcare professionals, there are always openings for hospital workers that agencies have to fill. 

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