Friday 6 September 2013

Live! The Advantages Of Seeing A Concert At Motorpoint Arena Cardiff

"What record is on heavy rotation on your CD player?" is a question that you won't hear a lot these days. With the advent of digital music and MP3 players, CDs have pretty much become a relic of the past. Instead of painstakingly curating your CD collection on your shelf (either by artist or by release date), you can simply purchase albums and singles online and let your preferred digital music player do the organisation by itself. And if you want to play music outdoors, you do not have to lug around a big and clunky CD player anymore. Today, people can enjoy music on the go with their MP3 players or smartphones. And while vinyls have experienced a resurgence of sorts, digital music, for all intents and purposes, has become the default medium of choice.

But of all artistic forms, music is meant to be consumed and shared the most. Even movies do not come close in terms of the sheer pleasure of appreciating a work, even in all their visual and auditory glory. Yes, there is a distinct pleasure that comes with listening to music in a solitary state, in the comfort of your own bedroom as the lonely streets outside are drizzled with a light rain. But listening to a record is massively different from going and seeing a live concert at the Motorpoint Arena Cardiff. 

Sure, going to Motorpoint Arena Sheffield to check an up-and-coming band may prove to be a big disappointment if the performers cannot live up to the hype. But conversely, have you not found yourself being blown away by a live performer, and you feel the immediate need to buy and download all of their records?

Live music is very much different from recorded music. When an artist records music, he comes up with a polished and finished product, ready for consumption. With live music, you feel a band pouring its soul into playing music (flaws and all) and interacting with the crowd in real time. Instantly, you feel chemistry that cannot be easily heard on a record.

Watching your favourite act at The Hydro Glasgow (set to open soon) would be akin to attending a congregation. When you look around you, you'll see other fans singing along, shredding their air guitars or simply swooning in awe at the genius of the performers. 

Whether you’re watching an established act, an up-and-coming band, or even the reunion of your favourite band when you were in your teen years, it is hard not to enjoy it — after all, a concert is not merely a performance, but a sensory experience.

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