Friday 6 September 2013

Simple and Money Saving Tips to Keep Your Home Office Organized

Working from is becoming increasingly popular. Whether you are a freelancer or are working for an organisation, working from home or having a home office comes with its own set of advantages. Whether it is the convenience or the cost effectiveness, working from is a tempting option for those who choose a feasible business. Nevertheless, working from home is not all that fuss-free. Space problems, organising issues, going over budget, are a few incessant problems associated with a home office. Being organised means being more productive and being more productive means making more money. Here are a few simple tips that cost almost nothing, but can greatly increase your productivity at you home office-

De-clutter- A messy office is no fun to work in. Organise your office material and stay as organised as possible. Get rid of redundant files and just keep the necessary stuff close at hand. Keep a day in a fortnight that you dedicate to de-cluttering. Being organised at all times will reduce this need to de-clutter frequently.

Chord organiser- With the computer and fax machine and printer and the scanner, there is always a mess of chords that irritates you. You need not spend on expensive chord organisers. You can simply use old hair clutches to clip together the chords. You can also use tags from the bread packs to label the different chords.

File the files- Files are the necessary evils of the business world. We have so many of them and we don’t know which ones to throw away. The best way is to get a file organiser. A simple solution is a DIY file manager. Get a few old magazine holders and glue them together. Use this as a file organiser. Be liberal with the labelling for easy access.

Organising accessories- Small, homeless accessories and stationary create the maximum mess. Get a number of smaller baskets rather than using a few huge ones. Another money-saving way is to work on a few old mason jars, tins, and cans to organise stationary.

Business storage services - If you have seasonal inventory, it is better to use a storage facility than to cramp up the stock at your home. Improper storage conditions at home can spoil the stock and incur loss. Storage facilities are less expensive than you imagine them to be and they are a lot safer and convenient.

The room you choose- The location of your home office is of crucial importance. You should check for the reception of mobile and Wi-Fi signal before you set up the furniture. Shifting on later can amount to unnecessary loss of time, money, and resources. Prefer a room that has ample natural light. This will help you save on the electricity bills. Switch your regular bulbs with the energy efficient CFL bulbs. These might cost a little more initially but their efficiency is seen in reduced bills.

Be paper free- Go as paper less as humanly possible. Don’t print documents that aren’t crucially important to be printed. Scan the visiting cards and receipts and store them as PDFs. Cutting down the excessive printing can save you considerable amount of money.

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