Thursday 12 September 2013

What The Accused Need To Know About Sacramento County Jail, Bail And Bail Bonds

With some offenses in California, it is enough for a person to be given a citation until his date in court. He only needs to pay a fine prior to the court date. However, in some serious offenses, authorities have no other recourse but to arrest the offender and put him in a Sacramento county jail or in another penal or correctional facility that is within the judicial district where the crime was committed.

However, in some instances, an offender does not need to wait in a jail until his case has been resolved in court. The judicial system allows arrested individuals to post bail. In some cases where a minor offense has been committed, the person jailed can post a standard amount. In more serious offenses, he must wait until his date in court where a judge will determine how much bail is to be paid. Typically, the amount is set higher to ensure that the person being accused of a crime will return to court. In rarer instances, an accused may be released on own recognizance where, instead of paying bail, the accused is set free due to his good standing in the community and spotless criminal history.

Posting bail offers several advantages to a defendant or a person accused of a crime. First, he or she does not have to spend time in jail while waiting for the trial period to conclude. Should a person be innocent, he or she does not have to endure being in jail until the case is resolved. On the other hand, if he or she is really guilty, posting a bail affords that person the opportunity to stay with family a bit longer and attend to important matters. In addition, preparing a defense is much more convenient when done outside of a jail.

In some circumstances, the person accused of a crime does not have enough money to cover his or her bail. For some residents of Sacramento, bail bonds would be their best alternative. But what are bail bonds?

In instances when a defendant cannot immediately produce the required bail, a bail bondsman can provide it for him or her for a set fee. When a person pays for his or her own bail, that fee is returned when he or she appears in court. For persons accused in San Jose, bail bonds mean that they do not get any money in return but simply pay the fee produced in their behalf by the bondsman.

Bail bond agents are of huge help for those facing criminal charges and have less financial capacity to pay for bail. With their help, defendants get their opportunity to stay out of jail for the duration of the trial process. If the defendant were found innocent, he would not have served jail time he did not deserve at all. For families or friends of defendants trying to help get their loved one out of jail, bail bonds companies or agents can be an option to explore and consider.

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