Thursday 17 October 2013

Promotional Products – Australia Businesses’ Checklist Of Factors To Consider

In the last few years, social media marketing has been the rage among businesses and their marketing departments. Today, it is not uncommon for even small businesses to engage in social media marketing campaigns and allot a good portion of their marketing funds towards these. However, many businesses still utilise promotional products. Australia businesses use them for trade shows, to reward loyal customers and entice new ones. Why?

Products like promotional stubby holders offer several benefits. First, a promotional item can help a business increase brand recognition. Through promotional printing, they can reach a customer with a tangible product that they can use everyday, and thus, reinforce their brand.

Promotional items are generally cheap, making them a cost-effective marketing tool. Couple this with the great mileage it offers and you've got one of the most powerful marketing tools.

Many business owners prefer to give away their business cards to prospective customers. While this practice is still relevant, many small businesses have found that it is more effective to give prospective customers a promotional item. For one, promotional items can be used by the recipient while a business card will most likely languish in a wallet or card holder after the recipient has stashed it there.

Of course, you cannot simply look at the brochure of a company specialising in promotional products, pick products that you fancy, and place an order. No. In order to get more mileage out of your promotional items, you have to approach it pretty much like you would other marketing campaigns — with purpose and great thought.

A reputable company specialising in promotional merchandise will first ask you who your target customers are. If you are a tech company, it would make greater sense to give away tech-related items. Conversely, if your targets are home-based workers, then you'd want something that will appeal to their tastes. Whatever products you choose, another thing you have to remember is to keep your logos consistent with the ones that you use. It makes no sense to create a new logo just for your promotional items when your goal would be to widen your brand's recognition.

Another crucial thing that you should know beforehand is your overall goal. Are you simply targeting the most number of people, or would you rather give your promotional items to high level company officials who are the decision makers? This will dictate how much you should allot for this type of marketing campaign.

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