Monday 28 October 2013

The Significance Of Employee ID Cards For Business

Employee ID cards are the first step toward a more secure and more well presented business. There is just something about ID cards that makes you look much more official. Take “CSI”, for example. Would those good-looking scientists look so formal without their ID cards? I think not!

Employee identification is the best way you can ensure the integrity of your business, especially if it's a bigger one and there are things you wouldn't like outside people to find out (imagine what would happen if a random person wandered into the Apple or Coca-Cola's research and development department). But the use of ID cards goes well beyond that.

Punching in

If you have over 200 employees, it's going to be hard to keep track of all of them. This is especially true for arrival and departure times. ID cards can be used in combination with advanced scanners to “punch in” the employees coming to work and “punch out” those leaving. This way you can always access the database and see who's come to work on time and who hasn't. Also, you can spot early leavers, as well as people working overtime. This way you can be certain to reward those who merit and punish those who deserve it. And justice for all...


The larger the business, the more the security threat. That's why it's essential to have ID cards for employees and visitors, alike. This way if something goes sideways, you can always have a full record of potential suspects. Not only that, but you can also perform checks on people who want to enter your building. Some venues are under a constant threat so showing that certain people are employees will certainly help.


Some people have a higher clearance than others. You don't want, as I've already said, random people wandering in your research facilities to discover your super-soldier serum (or your new Doomsday device or whatever you're working on; I'm not here to judge). That's why clearance is crucial – so the big guy in charge of security will know whom to let in and whom – not. What is the point of having all those gorilla-like guards if everybody can go wherever they please. Of course, I'm talking about big businesses here. Still, even a law firm can benefit from this. Imagine someone going into your record room. Not a pleasant thought, is it? With the scanners in place, you can always know who is walking in there and who isn't (well, mainly who is). This is some next-gen technology you could really profit from. If your business has something unique, something you want to keep from outside people, then ID cards are a must!

Using office equipment

Many employees like to use the office equipment for personal business. This means using the fax, copy machines, phones, everything. In essence, you are paying for their free calls. Most of this can be prevented by employing the use of ID cards in order to get authorization to use certain devices. Even though you can't do it for every single phone, you use a code on many of the devices. Not only they won't be able to use them for their personal interest, but they won't be able to get information out of the company using those devices.

All in all, even though having a larder business can be really hard to manage, employee ID cards can help a lot. All you have to do is introduce them, install a few scanners and make sure the mandatory use of the cards is understood by everybody.

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