Wednesday 30 October 2013

The Three Vital Things About Web Design Brighton Businesses Need To Consider

Rich media presentations. Parallax scrolling. Responsive designs. Web design has evolved along with the introduction of new technologies and the increasing know-how of today’s consumers. There are so many possibilities to explore in terms of design, layout, navigation, usability, copy, and so on — all in an effort to push for branding, sales, and market domination. But like every other business project, certain things need to be factored in to make sure the desired results are achieved from the Web design Brighton businesses obtain.

1. Always work with a professional web design agency.
Web design projects can be costly and stressful, especially if you choose to work with designers that are less than experienced with managing projects. Some startup or small businesses get tempted into hiring people they know who can do Web design but they end up regretting it because the designer can’t make deadlines or lacks the knowledge to implement certain techniques like applying infinite scrolling.

When your business acquires the creative services of a Web design agency, you’re essentially investing in your online future. Whether you already have a Facebook and Twitter account or a YouTube channel, all your prospective clients eventually land on your website. So it’s critical that you not only have an appealing and functional website but also one that’s produced with as little stress as possible. And a professional Web design agency will give you the expertise required to produce a good website, within reasonable time and budget.

2. Make your website accessible to all users.
Your website can’t make intended profits or improve branding if it isn’t accessible to all users, from desktop-bound consumers to mobile shoppers. A responsive website that captures, for instance, your retail brand design, will never lose out on opportunities for selling and marketing to customers — wherever they are and whenever.

With, reportedly, 1.4 billion smartphones all over the world and with 84 percent of owners who use their phone to surf the Web, your responsive website will be able to capitalise on this enormous trend.

3. Simplicity can be outstanding.
Current website design trends point to less clutter, large image backgrounds, and single page sites — in other words, the simpler the better. Less clutter on your website keeps your user focused on where you want them to focus. Large image backgrounds can captivate, allowing users to stay longer. And one-page sites eliminate waiting around for pages to load, letting your users navigate your site with ease.

Simplicity should also be applied to your online copy, from the language to how it’s presented on the page. The Web marketing Brighton businesses implement need to do away with long sentences, jargon, and basically just use simple language that everyone can relate to and understand.

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