Tuesday 22 October 2013

Upcycling Projects For Spare Sheet Metal

One of the creative trends these days is upcycling – it’s basically coming up with a more functional and visually appealing end product using typical items. In the TV programme “Storage Wars Texas,” one of the famous bidders always goes to auctions with his upcycler because what many see as totally useless may be a piece of a diamond in the rough. With a decent amount of artistry and carpentry skills, even seemingly unsalvageable stuff can morph into something beautiful and completely useful.

If you’ve recently completed a renovation project and you have excess materials from the job, consider this the perfect opportunity to be creative and further enhance the look and functionality of your home. Perhaps you may need to purchase a couple more things for some projects, but it’s not likely that you will be spending a lot of money especially if you’re going to be resourceful. Now, for that spare sheet metal that came in a set you’d bought for roofing, there are so many project ideas to try with it and you will not even spend beyond $20 for extra arts and crafts materials.

Provided below are some easy upcycling projects using sheet metal that you can complete in a matter of hours.

1.      Beautiful magnetic board – Some people cover the sheet metal with a nice cloth just to make sure the edges don’t cut anybody. They attach it to a wall then the use magnets to attach messages. This board can also serve as an organiser for make-up; just glue magnetic strips at the back of make-up palettes and stick them to the board. This frees up a lot of vanity table space.

2.      Dry erase board – Just purchase a tub of white or blackboard paint, apply the paint on the sheet metal, let it dry and you get a board to write messages on that you can hang on the wall.

3.      Jewellery and seasonal trinkets/ornaments – With steel cutting tools and punchers, it’s easy to cut shapes from the sheet metal. You can use the shapes as charms for chain or leather bracelets or pendants for necklaces. If you’re pretty skilled using the steel cutting tools, you can even make ornate bangles, emboss images on the metal and create all types of statement jewellery.

4.      An easy-to-clean table top – This is a perfect project to try if you have a really old, gnarly wood table that you want to give a more modern look to. Just place the metal sheet on top, taper the edges and hammer securely to the table.

5.      Standing lamp – Roll the sheet metal to form a tube, decorate it according to your taste then place a bulb inside or even a candle and you get a standing lamp or luminaria.

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