Tuesday 5 November 2013

Cheap Stubby Holders And Other Fantastic Promotional Item Ideas For Your Business

If you own or run a business, especially if it's a new one that is still finding its feet in your chosen niche, a substantial portion of your time and efforts will be allotted to marketing so that you can grow awareness for your brand. It doesn't matter if your business is mostly set up to function online (you could be providing tutoring services for young children, for example, so you created a website where potential clients can visit and schedule sessions) or if you were able to open a small store or shop in your neighbourhood (to sell unique crafts, offer pet grooming services, or serve new coffee and tea concoctions); if you're a new player in the market, you will need an effective way to let potential customers know that you exist — and that you're worth checking out and choosing over the established competition.

For this purpose, you need a structured marketing strategy that is built to reach as many people as you can — and even if your budget is still relatively small, there are fun and creative ways to go about this. Producing high-tech multimedia promotional materials (like commercials, videos, immense print ads, and such) can be quite expensive, but at this stage, clever use of promotional items may work better to your advantage. 

Cheap stubby holders, for example, are popular promotional items and corporate gift ideas that many businesses, big and small, utilise for marketing purposes. Social settings such as parties, fundraising events, sporting events and others rarely take place without drinks making the rounds in the crowd. Holding a hot or cold drink with a printed stubby holder is an excellent way to expose your brand name to a greater number of people. And these holders aren't limited to canned drinks, either; you can print your company logo on wine bottle carriers, milk carton holders, water bottle holders and pint glass holders. With this much variety, your item can suit a greater variety of people as well. You can even add 3D coasters to go with the stubby holders. 
Drinkers (of all kinds of beverages) aren't the only demographic you should be focusing your attention on, too. People who smoke tend to ask for a light from someone else, or help their mate light up when they're the one with the lighter on hand. Consider handing out printed BIC lighters as handy promotional tools. BIC lighters are known for their quality; the popular product can do much to spread the word about your business as it gets passed around from one smoker to another.

You should also take care to include the younger set as you strengthen your marketing operations. After all, every child or teen has a set of parents that can catch a glimpse of your brand name on items like printed rulers, notepads or pens that are lying around the house or the children's bedrooms. School supplies like these tend to be used by people of all ages, anyway, so it's certainly worth investing in them for greater promotional pull.

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