Tuesday 19 November 2013

The Advantages Of Using A Corporate Headshot Photographer For Your Professional Profile

For those who watch “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” you’re all probably familiar with this segment that features paid-for photographs that are so awful, they’re great for TV entertainment. For a lot of these photos gone horribly wrong, it’s really a mixture of bad facial expressions, questionable fashion, awkward poses, and just the absence of decent image-capturing techniques. Thanks to this segment, everybody’s reminded that, yes — photos can be your downfall.

Thankfully, with the popularity of photo applications or apps, most folks are now more conscious or aware of their best and really flattering angles when they take “selfies” that sometimes their photos are even more attractive that they actually are — which can be both an advantage and disadvantage. Having said that, they’re great for profile pictures for social media sites or to use as the wallpaper for phones, because they’re pretty. However, these are not the types of photos to use for professional purposes. Self-taken photos rarely meet the standards of corporate settings; therefore, if your company is in need of new headshots of key employees for their website, newsletters, promotional materials or even for display in the company building, they always hire the services of a corporate headshot photographer. Why?

Firstly, business headshots are not always about the pretty elements. They are completely different from your yearbook photos, or your ID photos; everything has to be properly calculated – from the lighting, to the angles, to the pose, to the smile. All these components have to meld together to create a natural-looking shot that effectively represents the values of the company and your credibility as a professional with an important position in the company.

Secondly, professional business headshots are always very appropriate and trained photographers have a solid understanding of what’s apropos. Oftentimes, they even advise you on clothes, accessories and the type of makeup to wear, so apart from looking “corporate” impressive, you also look attractive but in a completely dignified level. Also, they choose the best photo shoot location if you want a more appealing and dynamic headshot.
And lastly, they have that keen eye that accurately interprets the impression created by the shots; that’s why they are able to pick the best shot out of all that was taken and then apply the appropriate treatment to achieve the perfect image. Corporate headshots are always about creating the right impression or giving people the right idea of the person in the photograph, and trained headshot photographers can be trusted to know which image meets the standards required by the company.

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