Wednesday 11 December 2013

Achieving Safety And Productivity In The Workplace With Outline Markers

What company would not benefit from a clean, organized and productive workplace? No matter what industry your business is in, surely you will want to achieve all of the aforementioned benefits. While there are several strategies that may be applied towards the achievement of such goals, one strategy that has been used to great effect by several organizations is the 5S principle.

The 5S principle operates on the concept of cleaning and organizing a workplace. Among the practices under this principle is storing tools and materials in a place that is both organized and accessible to workers. Another practice that is an adjunct of this principle is marking floors with outline markers and floor signs.

Floor marking utilizes colors, shapes and text to convey various messages to achieve productivity and safety in a facility. Color can convey messages clearly and quickly without workers having to read long texts. However, it is crucial to select a particular scheme to eliminate confusion in the work area.

Just like colors, shapes can immediately convey messages. For example, markers with the shape of tools allow a worker to immediately find the right space to store tools which he no longer needs to use. New operators of forklifts can easily navigate a warehouse through the strategic use and placement of floor tape corners.

Text can also be used in floor marking. However, there are some disadvantages in using text. For one, it takes some time before a person can read and understand the message that you wish to convey. Additionally, there are facilities which employ workers who are not native speakers of the English language. In order to remedy this, it is best to utilize signs that use text with colors and signs. On the other hand, text has its unique advantages. First, it can communicate a more detailed message as compared to colors and shapes.

While many organizations have utilized paint for floor marking, there are a significant number of companies which have opted for floor tape. For one, floor tape is easier to use whereas paint requires more time in terms of application and drying. If you are trying to meet a production deadline or quota, certainly, disruption is not an option. Second, floor tape is much more durable and able to withstand the elements, foot traffic and chemicals which would otherwise peel off paint. Finally, floor tape comes in a variety of shapes which can then be customized to suit various purposes.

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