Monday 9 December 2013

Mum’s List of Important Considerations In Buying Girls’ Clothes

Being a mother comes with so many responsibilities, but there are many aspects of it that are complete sources of joy and satisfaction. Just the fact that you see your young children learning something new each day is already something to be proud of. Also, how you witness their development of strong moral values provides you the assurance that they will be good contributors to society. But even the little things count and are enjoyable, too — just like shopping for items the children want or need; how the young ones’ faces light up when you “get it right” especially when it comes to their clothes can make you smile to yourself and go, “Ooh, I did good!”

It’s so adorable how a lot of kids these days already know what they want in clothing – especially little girls; most of them really just want to be fairies or princesses, basically like Sophia and Grace (who are now popular TV personalities), but perhaps even flashier if possible.  As a mum, you can get sucked into that and find yourself giving in to pleas for certain clothing types that are “absolutely pretty” even if you know that they are too frilly to be comfortable.  Remember that tulle skirt that just “itches like crazy” and had your little girl opting to just walk around in her knickers instead? You wouldn’t want another situation like that, but you still want to purchase something that will keep your daughter’s fantasy alive.

You can still do that, but you have to be a discriminating shopper. To help you out in shopping for girls’ clothes, be they play clothes, dresses for church, or costume outfits (because little girls “need” them for the fairy tale kind of lifestyle), here are important considerations in buying little girls’ clothing.

  • Always inspect the stitching; make sure the stitches are tight and secure to prevent unraveling. Also, feel it because there are times when the thread used has a prickly texture which will make your daughter scratch non-stop.
  • Stay away from tag labels. Even those made of soft satin or silk can get on your child’s nerves and will have them tugging at their clothing trying to get rid of it especially if it makes them itch.
  • For dresses, make sure that the lining is soft especially if the top material is made of lace, tulle or some scratchy fabric; soft lining will ensure your daughter’s comfort as she pretends to be a princess.
  • Go for breathable, stretchy fabric especially for rompers and shirts because this type of fabric does not irritate the skin and can be worn for a long time. So even if it’s slightly pricey, you get your money’s worth because your daughter can wear such clothes for years.

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