Tuesday 17 December 2013

Putting 5S Into Action Made Easy Through Affordable Tools And Tutorial Videos

Upholding high standards for operations is greatly assisted by thorough organization. In Japan, an integral part of the early stage of setting up a business is establishing design for completely organized operations; business owners hire experts in interior design and ergonomics to determine the best ways of making sure that everything is in place and that there is a place for everything. This is no big surprise, really, for Japan is the home of 5S which stands for Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, and Shitsuke.

The values of 5S are easy enough to understand because all of them really promote a brand of organization that emphasizes cleanliness, increasing function, proper disposal of items that are no longer useful, labeling, and consistency. However, the issue that most business operations come across is on how to get started. A lot of times, their ideas are too “all over the place” or one value gets compromised as focus is directed on another – basically, achieving balance for all the important variables of 5S can be a tad tricky.

Fortunately, though, companies that manufacture 5S products have recognized that there are companies that need all the help they can get to effectively stay on top of their operations. Therefore, aside from providing them useful organizational materials, they have thrown in comprehensive tutorial videos (which can be purchased) and step-by-step guides (in the form of articles and videos) that all types of businesses can use to put 5S into action.
Tutorial videos are particularly effective because they can be used as training videos for new employees that have yet to learn the basics of 5S. The video already demonstrates how every aspect of the process ought to be done so those who are watching will not have different interpretations of the instructions provided — all of them will observe the same way of carrying out the tasks. This provision just makes training so much easier and more economical; because the process is not expected to change anytime soon, it can be used for a long time to come. Plus, there’s no need to hire special trainers to orient new employees about the process. As for 5S tools, there’s a wide range to choose from which includes tags, different types of organizers, pegboards, and many others.

All these great provisions can benefit business operations incredibly, from keeping costs low, streamlining processes, and making sure that business headquarters promote health and optimum productivity. So for those enterprises that still have to put 5S into action, these are the important considerations in accomplishing that goal.

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