Thursday 19 December 2013

Update On Harry Rady: The Rady School of Management Trains Tomorrow’s Business Leaders

University of California, San Diego is home to the Rady School of Management, one of the premier business schools in the country. Since 2003, the Rady School has been heeding the call to supply the nation with individuals of exceptional management and leadership skills. Through the school’s full-time and part-time MBA programs and its non-degree programs for further business studies, future business leaders are able to embrace and develop invaluable entrepreneurial skills. The Rady School also places focus on the field of biotechnology and enjoys the prestige of UC San Diego’s ranking as one of the top ten public universities.

The Rady School is named for the Rady Family after its generous donation to efforts to fund operations, including everything from faculty recruitment and fellowships to the upkeep of the facility. Since 2003, more than $90 million has been raised, thanks to the financial support of the Radys and the rest of the community. Part of this goes to the funding of the US-Israel Center for Innovation and Economic Sustainability and to that of the StartR accelerator programs, which were designed to mentor students and alumni as well as to provide educational workshops, advice, and actual market opportunities.

The Rady Family, now frequently represented by business mogul Harry Rady, has always believed in the core strengths and mission of UC San Diego, and its investment in the business school will allow the university’s academic strengths to be infused not only in the community but throughout the globe as well. Through the molding, training, and priming of ethical business visionaries, the school is effectively able to contribute to the shaping of a new economy.

The Rady Family is also responsible for the Rady Venture Fund Program, which provides capital for entrepreneurs and funds for expanding businesses. The Rady School students participate in the program, from which they learn about venture capital, investment leads, and investment analysis. The Rady Venture Fund annually offers up to $150,000 each to two businesses and, in the process, hits two birds with one stone; it gives financial backing to entrepreneurs who desperately need it and provides real-life education to the business students. The earnings from these investments are returned to the program fund to maintain the coffer of investment capital.

Harry Rady sits as a member of the Deans Advisory Council, guaranteeing continued support from the family as the Rady School upholds its mission to provide a more focused educational environment conducive to the cultivation and development of tomorrow’s exceptional business leaders.

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