Tuesday 14 January 2014

Branding Agencies In Dubai List Branding Rules To Live By In 2014

Branding as you know it has undergone big changes in the past few years, and these have been mostly fuelled by the huge developments in virtual and mobile technologies. According to leading branding agencies in Dubai, the concept of branding has now evolved into something much rawer, more real, and more grounded in the real world and real lives of the people.

While branding was considered in the past as a process in which companies deliver their message to their target market, today the tables seem to have turned — customers now have the capacity to change, contribute to, if not create, the message. Business owners and marketers wanting to gain the attention and trust of today’s consumers should be able to recognize and adapt to these changes if they want to expand their reach and achieve remarkable growth.

As observed by experts in branding, Dubai businesses gearing for growth in the coming quarter have now learned to identify the branding rules and principles that are relevant and in tune with the current market preference.

Reinvention can work wonders. Businesses now have to be ready for bigger and more transformative changes if needed – the times are calling for established concepts and norms to be challenged. One example that a Forbes article entitled “What Will Branding Look Like In 2014?“ noted is how the Pope has undergone major rebranding: tweeting, riding a motorcycle and taking a selfie are not usually considered conventional Papal activities, but that was how he got “connected with the wider world,” which is what every business aspires to do.

Recognize preference and requirements for mobility. People now spend a significant part of their waking hours connected to digital media, specifically through their mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. For branding campaigns to be effective, businesses should invest in engaging their audience through channels that provide a good mobile experience.
Reaffirm the authentic and unique. People now are leaning toward lifestyles that veer towards making more responsible, responsive choices, even if that means turning away from the mainstream current. Brands that highlight handcrafted processes are seen as much more valuable and respectable. For instance, when working with a marketing agency, Dubai businesses prefer those that produce individual, handmade content versus generating machine automated articles.

Re-strengthen ties through stories. The human brain is wired to like stories, and brands that respect this fact find that they are able to connect more to their audience when they harness the power of storytelling. In design, in making videos, in writing copies and taglines, businesses now know that finding an emotional connection by telling stories is turning people not just into paying customers, but brand followers and believers as well.

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