Monday 27 January 2014

Helpful Tips On Moving House For The First Time

Moving to a new place is an exciting milestone for anyone. You could be getting out of the house you grew up in to live in an apartment on your own where you can be close to educational or employment opportunities or you could be moving into a house to live with other relatives or friends. Regardless of the circumstances leading to the move, there will be many changes to look forward to, but before this new chapter of your life can begin, you need to tackle something first: packing up all your belongings to take to your new home.

It's not as simple as you would initially think. You might consider a couple of bags filled with some clothes and your mobile gadgets and books to be all you need, but if you're striking out and living on your own for years to come, you'll soon realize that you will need a lot more stuff — appliances, furniture, cooking implements, a bed and bedding, cleaning supplies, you name it. Even if you'll be purchasing new things, you will still inevitably bring as much of the items you already own with you — and not everything will fit into or survive the move in any old bag or box.

Here are some tips on moving house that can help you get started with figuring out what to pack, how to pack them, and how to get them safely delivered to your new place.

1. Go through all of your things and decide which items will make the move with you. You will surely have things you simply cannot live without, things you haven't used within the current year but may still come in handy, and things that you no longer want or need. You can donate some items to charity or sell others in a garage sale or online auction. For other items that you can't part with but can't take with you, storage facilities are your best bet for keeping them in a secure place.

2. Prepare your packing materials. Boxes made from corrugated cardboard are sturdier and stronger than regular ones; get plenty of these in a variety of sizes. You will also need scissors and packing tape, bubble wrap for breakables, and self-seal bags to keep little things like nuts and bolts together. Old newspapers are excellent for lining boxes.

3. Categorise the things you will be taking with you into groups. There are items you need to take out right away on your first day in the new place, like toiletries, a change of clothes, some plates and forks, a first aid kit, cleaning cloths, garbage bags, and such — put these things in boxes that you can unload from the truck first. Heavy furniture and items you will not immediately need should be loaded first into the truck, so they can be unloaded last. Remember to label each box (what it contains, which room it should go to) so no time will be wasted opening the wrong boxes, looking for things.

4. Decide on the best method of transferring your belongings to the new home. Do you prefer packing everything and renting a truck that you can drive yourself? Do you want a team of removalists to pick up the things you've packed and drive them to your new home? Or do you prefer the convenience of having all your things packed and delivered for you? Find a moving specialist who can provide the solution that meets your needs so you can be assured of a successful and relatively stress-free move.

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