Thursday 30 January 2014

Making A Plan To Become Wealthy — JDL Strategies Recommends A Good Starting Point

Making A Plan To Become Wealthy — JDL Strategies Recommends A Good Starting Point

It's always been the plan of action for the people who came before you, and now you are expected to do the same — get an education, find a job, and use your income toward your necessary expenses.

This income, many people believe, is all that's needed for a person to be able to adequately feed, clothe, and shelter himself and his family and meet all financial obligations such as paying school tuition fees, purchasing and maintaining a car (or two), paying off a mortgage, and more.

What people fail to realize, however, is that this is the exact same practice that will set them up for definite financial failure. The belief that simply using the paychecks you receive to pay for everything you need (just in time for the set due dates) is enough to let you keep a decent, comfortable lifestyle has kept individuals and families across the globe from missing out on so many positive opportunities to build actual wealth — wealth that can mean greater financial security and stable retirement years to look forward to.

Only a very small percentage of the global population can be considered truly wealthy, while the rest may end up clocking in their hours at work for as long as they possibly can and still failing to pay for their own homes and clear up outstanding debts or loans.

If there were a conversation that people could join to learn about wise strategies for handling their finances, more people would be able to pull themselves out of financial ruts and take actual steps toward a brighter financial future. There's good news, though — there is such a conversation; it's one that you should be having with certified investment specialists who can help you set up a plan for attaining the life you want.

JDL Strategies, a team of financial planning advisors that has helped hundreds of Australians become millionaires using an exceptional wealth management strategy comprised of aggressive debt minimisation, pro-active tax deduction and planning, and intelligent investment management, offers this two simple yet key steps that can get you started on building your own wealth.

Come up with a figure — how much do you need to become rich?

In this aspect, you can never aim too low or too high — as long as it's an improvement from your current financial status and you're willing to work hard to attain this goal, go ahead. The $1 million, $10 million or $20 million goal you select will help you measure your progress as you go about your strengthened financial strategy.

Make regular, small investments toward this figure.

Accumulating capital is the single most important thing you can do to get started on wealth building. Set aside whatever you can afford regularly so that you have the resources to purchase important assets. These assets should ideally be properties — there is much to be gained from leveraging properties for your financial security.

The experts at JDL Strategies even encourage their clients to purchase investment properties first before buying their own house — a calculated, yet immensely rewarding move.

With these two steps, you can launch yourself into a fruitful journey toward wealth creation and break free from the limits imposed by dependence on a single income source.

In conclusion, the traditional approach of relying solely on a paycheck to cover expenses is often insufficient for achieving long-term financial security and wealth. While it may meet immediate needs, it often falls short in providing opportunities for significant wealth accumulation and a comfortable retirement.

Recognizing the importance of proactive financial planning and investment is key to breaking free from financial limitations and building true wealth. By engaging in conversations with certified investment specialists and adopting wise strategies, individuals can take meaningful steps towards a brighter financial future.

JDL Strategies offers valuable insights and guidance for those looking to embark on the journey of wealth creation. By setting clear financial goals and making regular, small investments towards achieving them, individuals can gradually accumulate capital and acquire assets that contribute to their financial security and prosperity.

Whether aiming for a modest or ambitious financial goal, taking action and committing to a strategic plan are crucial for realizing one's wealth-building aspirations. With dedication, perseverance, and the right guidance, individuals can empower themselves to achieve financial independence and unlock opportunities for a more prosperous future.

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