Tuesday 25 February 2014

Five Tips for Teaching Your Teenager the Importance of Saving Money

Giving your teenager lessons on how to save money is one of the most important things you could teach your son or daughter. It provides them with a valuable skill they can use their entire life and one that can keep them out of financial debt when they get older and have to depend on themselves. 

1. Have your teenager get a job.

If he or she is not old enough to work at a part-time job yet, make them do chores around the house. This makes sure that they understand that money must be earned, and is not handed out. Your child must understand that one must make money in order to save money. 

2. Teach your teenager to put money they receive into savings. 

It may be tempting for your kid to spend all of that birthday or job money, but it’s vital that you teach them to put it into a savings account. Choose a percentage that is right for them. Experts at Banks in Houston Texas, recommend anywhere from 20 to 50 percent of the money they receive.

3. Explain basic finance and practice budgeting. 

Make sure that your teenager knows that the money they put into an account can earn interest. Begin to give them lessons on different types of accounts. This will allow them to begin to understand that saving now means that money will accumulate and grow over the years. Teach them how to manage a budget by practicing buying groceries, clothes, and other things with a limited supply of money. Setting up a debit card account and placing a limited amount of cash on it can also help your teen learn how to utilize an allotted amount of money for a certain period of time. This, in the end, will enable them to better stay within a budget and save more money. 

4. Make sure they understand credit. 

Next time you buy a pair of shoes and swipe the credit card, show your son or daughter how it works. When you receive the bill online or in the mail, show them and let them see how the payment plan works. Make certain they understand this money is borrowed, and if not returned on time, could lead to bad credit and financial issues, making saving money all the more difficult. 

5. Offer incentives for saving.

A rewards based education often works the best. Offer your teen perks by saving a portion of their money or for managing a weekly budget well. These could include gifts or matching what they save. 

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  1. I am sure to give the youngster a profound understanding of debt is the most important thing parents should focus on. There are too many temptations around us, too many advertising and too many direct lenders on the web creating the impression that debt is a usual thing easy to deal with. Young people may get into financial trap if they lack knowledge of the aspect, so parents should do their best to protect their children.


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