Friday 14 February 2014

Five Tips to Help Forgetful People to Remember to Pay Their Bills

It is easy to get caught up in the stresses of life, but that is no excuse for not being responsible. Missing one bill payment can lead to missing another and then another after that. Before you know it, you end up in a cycle that cannot be stopped. Whether you are a business manager or concerned individual, there are five ways that you can remind people to pay their bills.

1. Send Out Email Reminders

If you know that bill payers read emails constantly, send out email reminders. A week or two before the payment is needed, send a reminder email within seconds. It takes only one message to make people become more responsible. You do not have to do the work manually due to the availability of automatic software. 

2. Send Out Phone Text Reminders

Wherever people are, they are usually carrying their cell phones. It is ideal to send reminder texts to the phones of people who owe money. They are more likely to have immediate access to their cell phones instead of their computers. In a paragraph or less, remind people to make their payments on time. Anyone who enjoys using Twitter will not have problems receiving phone texts.

3. Encourage Them to Balance Their Checkbooks

Many people pay their bills by sending out personalized horses checks or artistic checks. When they balance checkbooks, they have better control over finances. They know the exact amounts that are going in and coming out of the account every month. Checkbook balancing is needed to become familiar with withdrawals and deposits. Using checks is a good way to keep financial problems in control.

4. Use a Desk Calendar

Use a desk calendar to record every upcoming task and event, including bill payments. This calendar can be the size of a desk or notebook. Using a pocket calendar is not recommended because it can get lost easily. Just make sure that your words are seen loud and clear. 

5. Use a Date Reminder Tool on the Computer

Some people use emails and phones rarely, but they use computers often. In this case, they can use date reminder software that is easy to install. At certain points of the day, have one or more alarms go off on your computer. Set up reminders as far as 10 years in the future, if necessary.

Paying bills is not easy for many people, but some of them miss payments accidentally. Lenders should send out bill pay reminders to avoid sending out collection calls and letters. The point is to avoid making a financial problem worse. There are five tips to help people who are forgetful about paying bills.

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