Monday 31 March 2014

Furniture Storage Solutions That Maintain The Quality And Longevity Of Your Household Property

You can change your mind about that patio furniture you bought several years back; now it doesn’t seem so modern. You can also start to realise that the massive dining set you got as a gift has gotten too big for the room. Over the years, the things you have bought or received for your home can get outdated or become unnecessary. So what do you do when either one happens to your furniture?

You put them in self-storage — if you can’t part ways and sell them at a garage sale. Self-storage facilities can offer furniture storage solutions. There are units small enough to fit modestly sized cabinets, desks, beds, and the like. There are also units big enough to fit larger dining sets, outdoor furniture, and other broader furniture.

But before you drive on out to the self-storage facility and start putting all unneeded and unused furniture in the unit, you should assess the facility first. The wrong storage facility can compromise the safety and quality of your household property. The security system might be flawed, giving way to theft. And the facility may lack the features required to maintain your possessions in good condition.

So make sure that the self-storage facility you choose uses a foolproof security system. If necessary, choose a facility that offers temperature-controlled units, which is recommended for genuine leather furniture. The facility should also have proper fire safety protocols.

Aside from picking the self-storage facility, you need to prepare your furniture for storage. Get everything cleaned up, from polishing metal and wood furniture to wiping fabric sofas and chairs with antibacterial cleansers. If you’re storing leather sofas, it might be best to call in a professional for clean up; excess moisture can cause mildew and mould. Failure to give it a good wipe can deteriorate your leather chairs or sofas.

After preparation comes packing and arranging. The right packing materials and technique will keep your furniture from getting damaged. Use breathable fabric to cover up upholstered furniture to keep the dust off and the moisture out. Stack chairs on top of each other but keep sofas upright, as this prevents stress on the joints and eventually, the weakening of the sofa legs. It is also recommended that you place a plastic tarp on the floor of your unit, before placing all your furniture in, because this evidently prevents moisture absorption from the floor.

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