Thursday 15 May 2014

The Advantages Of Working From Home And Setting Up Your Business From Your Home-based Office

As an entrepreneur, thinking out of the box allows you to strengthen your skills and discover the best solutions that will lead you to success. One compelling example of the effectiveness of cultivating an out-of-the box mindset is the movement of today’s entrepreneurs to work from home. Innovative technologies, globalised workplaces and the rise of travel and hotel cultures have made it possible for people to just work from home and earn so much more than they could ever earn if they were stuck in the office all day. In the past, the dream workplace setting is a corner window office in the middle of a busy business hub. Today, everything can happen online, and you could be making millions even when you’re just at your desk by the bed, or chillin’ at the beach.

But the advantages of working from home are more than just about being able to sit in your pajamas all day. Microsoft launched a survey and respondents came up with the following reasons why they think a home office rocks: 

  1. It’s environment-friendly. Working at home means lower consumption of fuel for travelling. It means a reduced need for the usual office supplies such as printing materials, pens, folders, and others that are made from non-replaceable resources. Since businesses from home utilise online tools and systems, implementing paperless operations is more manageable.
  2. You get to spend more time with your family. When you work from home, the hours you used to spend travelling to and from work can be spent enjoying some quality time with your spouse and kids. Entrepreneurs who are able to set up the right schedule and workload also enjoy flexible hours, providing them more free time to do the things they love the most.
  3. You create the perfect work environment for yourself. Work-from-home business owners appreciate the fact that they are now free from the typical stressful office environment and the exhausting routine of travelling to and from the office every day. Being home-based means you can set up your own workspace according to your individual needs and preferences that will allow you to be more productive and effective in growing your business. 
  4. You acquire more savings. You can do away with a lot of expenses that are typically necessary with office-based work: office attire, gas or commuting expenses, eating out, socialising with the team, and even the health costs of facing a stressful work setup daily.
  5. You enjoy better work-life balance. When you’re free from the limitations of the 9-to-5 grind and the gray cubicle, you can focus more on your output instead of the numbers on the clock. Doing so allows you to hone in on the tasks that produce results while being able to enjoy the fun and enriching things in life outside work.

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