Friday 25 July 2014

The Types and Scope of Writing

Writing jobs are gaining momentum. Other than the traditional jobs that included being a novelist or a journalist, today the scope is much more. Let us see what the different types of writing jobs are in the market today, their demand worldwide, and the countries that are highly hiring writing professionals.

The Types and Scope of Writing

Good writers are very valuable at a workplace and writing itself is an important communication tool that connects one person to the world. With the advancement of technology, many fields use writers to be heard.

There are some myths about writing jobs and due to these it sometimes becomes very difficult to choose writing as a career. Writers are in demand everywhere, from advertising firms to technical writers, to writing content for SEO to writing for a newspaper, the options are numerous. Some of the most popular, in-demand, and highly-paid writing jobs are:

·         Copywriter

Copywriters write for the purpose of marketing or advertising. Also commonly called as commercial writers, they develop content for websites, articles and books and edit them for sales purposes. Copywriting is a lucrative career and many companies look for writers that help them in increasing their sales.

·         Technical Writer

A professional writer who engages in technical writing to produce a technical document is basically a technical writer. Technical writing includes writing directional manuals, creating software manuals, or revising manuals. One can write for any particular industry. These can be full-time or part-time jobs. On average, the annual pay of a technical writer is about $63000 and they have an hourly rate of $150.

·         Science Journalists

Magazines like the National Geographic and Earth magazines that cover a lot of topics related to science, look readily for science journalists. Science journalists are different from newspaper journalists as they have expertise in a particular subject and can deliver the best in that field. The specialized knowledge gives them a bright potential and a high pay.

·         Free Lancing Writing

Among the top 20 work-from-home positions, a writer is at number one. It is one of the ways where a writer can comfortably earn a good amount of money by working from home. The writers can find themselves jobs like writing for magazines, for some websites, proofreading, and editing the content.

Other than the above-mentioned business writing is one of the most important parts of writing today. Though the profession is not directly related to writers and people who are responsible for business writing are managers rather than writers. Marketing Communication managers are responsible for writing important stuff on which the business of an organization hugely depends. Effective business communication is required in today’s competitive world. The three big reasons why business writing makes a difference in the working of an organization are:

·         Important business decisions are made based on what you write
·         Your business writing makes a strong impact on the personal image of the manager and equally affects the corporate image
·         Thirdly, there is a personal benefit attached to it. People who communicate effectively make more business and tend to grow at a faster rate. 

Therefore business writing is one of the most important tools by which an organization can build a brand and generate good business. Organizations all over the world look for effective business writers who can create a positive impact on their company in the market. 

Why choose writing as a career?

Choosing writing as a profession is not only interesting but also challenging. It brings a new challenge every day to create something that increases business effectively and brings a new dimension. The role of a writer lets you grow professionally with endless opportunities to learn and do something new. Being a writer you get to work for different products, domains, tools, and technologies. There are various areas to choose from to avoid monotony.

An added advantage of being a writer is that there is no specific qualification to become a writer. It’s the creativity that takes you to the next step.

The Scope of Writing Jobs

Writing as a profession has a lot of scope. Every organization looks for people who can write well to sell their or make a brand image or document an important procedure. A writer can explore various areas like creative writing, fiction writing, SEO web content writing, editing, proofreading, and blogging.

Apart from mainstream journalism, which has always been in the limelight of writing jobs, the above-mentioned writing jobs are becoming popular all around the world. In India, e-commerce industries look for good content writers to increase traffic and business for their websites. There are many ways by which companies can increase the rate of return on content marketing. 

So now that you know the different options of writing, their growing demand, and worldwide presence, choose a profession that makes you happy in regards to interest and money. 

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