Thursday 13 November 2014

Tips For Writing A Multilingual CV

While the generally accepted language of business may be English, there are hundreds of languages spoken everyday in workplaces around the world, making a well-rounded linguist a real catch in the eyes of many hiring firms.

Knowing how to put your multilingualism to use is one thing; the real work is in proving to the company you are applying with that you possess not only strong language skills but also the ability to put your skills to even better use than those competing with you for a given position.

The job market is always a competitive place, never more so than in today's uncertain business climate, and extended skill sets have never been more in demand.

Whether you hope to use your multilingualism to assist in a general work environment or you're interested in applying for a position with your language use being your main employable asset, use this list of tips to give you an idea of some of the best practices in putting together a multilingual CV:

1. Put in the effort

CV Writing

Your excellent grasp of languages will be an asset in nearly any workplace but it will necessarily make for a more complicated than average CV. Don't shy away from constructing your CV in a way that showcases your multilingualism, even if it means additional formatting. Remember, your CV is your calling card to the business world, your consistent first impression, so make it a good one.

2. The hiring is in the details

Speaking more than one language is one thing; the ability to confidently command multiple languages in a business setting is another. In order to show prospective employers exactly how much of a handle you have on a given tongue, include all necessary details of your past experience in your CV.

For example, if you served as an administrative assistant in a multilingual environment, outline the major examples of jobs for which you were relied upon such as communicating with foreign clients, typing and transcribing and other language-specific tasks. Giving an employer the ability to begin visualizing the delegation of tasks while reading your CV will go a long way towards proving your potential to the company.

3. Relate your experience to the position you're applying for

Speaking a language required by a potential employer is the first step in proving your potential worth but doesn't go far in explaining exactly how said employer will benefit by hiring you. To this end, you should relate your multilingual experience to the real-world requirements of the position you are applying for to help potential employers visualize your prospective role in the workplace, increasing your chances of standing out from the crowd.

4. Translate your CV

If you are fluent in English, French, and Spanish then translate your CV accordingly and submit the most suitable copy for each available position; multiple copies will come in handy for language-based positions in which you're looking to impress the hiring employer with your strong grasp of several languages.

Do not translate your CV into any language with which you are not intimately comfortable; a few bad sentences can ruin the impression given by several good pages and remember: you'll very likely be called upon to show and prove your skills once hired, making exaggeration a quality lacking in foresight where CVs are concerned.

5. Don't forget your other skills

While multilingualism may be your best and brightest calling card, depending on the desired position, don't forget to also accentuate your other workplace skills. Work to weave your previous experience and accomplishments into your language skills, allowing your CV to present the full package in all of its glory to potential employers, wowing them not only with your language prowess but with your other skills as well.

Your determination and potential in all facets of any professional position can only be shown by presenting a well-rounded package in your CV.

Keep the goal of impressing employers with your hard-earned skills, education and experience foremost in mind when constructing your multilingual CV but remember also that your CV reviewer and eventual interviewer are people, too; keeping your CV readable and relatable are keys to job application success.
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