Tuesday 8 November 2016

How PoP Culture Warned Us About Donald Trump

The 2016 presidential race comprises of two vivid characters that are completely different. Donald Trump is a real estate mogul who portrays himself as a man of the people and doesn’t shy away from using lewd language on tape.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton is conservative, humble, and polite. However, it is interesting to know that pop culture prepared us for the upcoming elections in Trump's Book. This brief overview looks into what pop culture warned us about Donald Trump.
Donald Trump

How PoP Culture warned us about Donald Trump

· Kleedfeld describes Donald Trump as the Penguin known from the classic 1960 Batman TV. Though the assumption is just an opinion the books clearly demonstrate the resemblance. By Penguin, Kleefeld compares Trump to a comical cartoon rather than an actual president. The Penguin is chaotic is a resemblance of Trump's character. In one chapter, the Penguin says it cannot help if it has enthusiastic fans and it is an advantage since the voters will not be bored by Batman’s babble. Batman’s babble is a reflection of Clinton.

· The MAD Magazine also portrayed a cartoon resembling Donald Trump. Trump graced the MAD Magazine on a category named "The Top 20 Dumbest People, Events and Things." The magazine also portrayed him as a nursery rhyme and even named him “Trumpty”. According to the magazine, “Trumpty Dumpty” was building a wall. This alludes to Trump's desire to build a wall that will separate the US.

· In the film Elia Kazan, Larry “Lonesome” Rhodes is seen rising from a drifter to a respected TV show host and then to a political influencer. The crude humor and charisma of the character help him harness the power of TV to appeal to people. The character hides his insensitivity towards women. At one time, the character is even caught on the microphone revealing evil thoughts of how his stardom influences people. This film foretold the rise of Donald Trump. Trump does not mind using lewd language in public.

· The film “Bob Roberts” (1992) is one of the most successful grossing over $40 million. The movie has a nationalist agenda featuring a free-wheeling Republican as running for Senate, but he is a folk singer who stages rallies as entertainment. To make matters even more intriguing, the rebel conservative doubts the legitimacy of his charity.

· In the film “Black Mirror” of 2013, a crass cartoon is running for local office in one episode of the British TV series. Things take a change when he starts gaining in polls. The voters are familiar with Waldo from a late-night comedy show he hosts where he plays the part of asking public figures some of the most embarrassing questions. The character knows nothing about politics but he knows how to use sensitive words. Currently, voters know Trump from a celebrity show where he is not afraid to speak his mind.

· The “Idiocracy” film of 2006 depicts a dystopian future in which the descendants have misled facts and figures and have elected Dwayne Elizondo as the president. Dwayne does not talk like other politicians before.

These are a few instances where pop culture warned the people about Donald Trump. We can only wait to see how the 2016 elections will turn out.

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