Wednesday 7 December 2016

Man Of The World: The Further Endeavours Of Bill Clinton

It is not often that one finds a novel or book as concise in its description of Bill Clinton who was once nominated and put in charge of the most powerful nation in the world, as Man of the world: The further endeavours of Bill Clinton. This book further outlines Mr Clinton’s triumphs and tragedies’ rise and fall and eventual career end.

Departing the White House

At the close of his presidency Bill Clinton was feeling the total absence of his close group of aides, press managers and servants that helped to shield him from politicians and journalists alike. He also was at a loss of what to do with himself now as not being financially well off and retired from an active career , he felt he still had much to offer in terms of work and advise but had no way of doing so. In effect his work was done.

Sabotage and Scandal

Clinton was trying to deal with new evils thrust upon him and also the turmoil of a new career move, when Mr Bush arrived as the new president, he rubbished claims surrounding the 11th hour pardon of billionaire Marc Rich who was being charged with petty sabotage of White House equipment. By all accounts this turned out to be a total fabrication and to be a massive public relations disaster, Clinton then being advised by his few remaining friends to keep out of public view for six months.

Back story

Hitching a free ride of whatever plane was made available to Clinton, his many friends, a liege of politicians, business tycoons, Hollywood actors and also rock stars, would Jet off to different parts of the world to various humanitarian causes. The Clinton Global Initiative addressed malaria, childhood obesity, global warming and of course the rebuilding efforts’ in Haiti. But being drawn to him by his personality and his eye for humanitarian relief, and also his efforts in this field, donations were enormous. Clinton has the unique ability to motivate people and collaborate with his former political rivals and mobilize donors.

Smart Government

Mr Clinton advocates modern data-driven smart driven government proving that efforts of government, business and science can and will accomplish what no person or entity has done alone before. A large portion of this book is delegated to Clinton’s emergence as the single most important warrior against AIDS and he has changed the attitude of Western Countries to AIDS.


This book documents well reported stories and is tantalizing to say the least and tells of major troubles to come. These being, the dinner at former Secretary of State Madeline Albright’s home where Colin Powell purportedly recommended to Hillary Clinton that she use her private email server; also an aborted raid targeting Osama bin Laden in Kandahar , which Bill Clinton prevented by calling it off to spare the deaths of 300 women and children.
Many of these books pages are devoted to mooting erroneous reports of the Clintons’ conflicts of interest and corruption, the Medias fascination with the Clintons and their indiscretions.

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