Wednesday 20 September 2017

Get Back on Track with Consolidation Plus

Is your financial situation not what you hoped it would be? You are not alone. Debt seems to be a way of life for most Americans. According to one recent study, the average household carries over $50K in student loans, $29K in auto loans, and $16K in credit card debt.  We all want to improve our financial well-being and experience the freedom it brings, but most people do not know where to begin. For some people, paying down the credit cards is best, but for others, the Consolidation Plus program could help you get back on track. Either way, here are some things that anyone serious about debt reduction should do.
Get Back on Track with Consolidation Plus

Track Your Spending
To make improvements on your current situation, you need to have a good picture of what it is. What are you spending your money on? What do you currently owe?  By tracking where your money goes, you can look for areas to change for the better.

To begin tracking what you spend, make a list of all your current bills and expenditures. For an accurate picture, write down everything that you spend money on. If you have money left over after all the bills are paid, then you are in good shape. But, if you find that you owe more than you make, some changes must be made to get back on track. You may need to cut some expenses out of the budget. If you can’t, a Consolidation Plus loan could be a good option for you.
Create an Emergency Fund
Your emergency fund is vital to your financial freedom and success. If you have funds set aside to handle unexpected expenses like a car repair or emergency medical bill, then you won’t need to use the credit cards in a pinch.  However, if you don’t have emergency money set aside, you may be tempted to you use your credit card. In fact, your credit card may be the only source of money you have for the situation. So, even if you have begun paying them down, they could go right back up if you use them for an emergency.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to save money in an emergency fund when you are making payments on high-interest credit cards each month. The fastest way to build up your emergency fund is by getting rid of your credit card debt. Consolidation Plus could help you eliminate this debt so that you can get back on track financially.
What is Consolidation Plus?
Consolidation Plus is an exclusive loan program that could help you consolidate your unsecured debt. If you qualify for this program, enrollment is simple with just three easy steps.
Step 1:  Once we know you are interested, a representative from the company will contact you to see if a consolidation loan is a good fit and qualify you for the program.
Step 2: In two to four days you will know if your application is approved and you can start the program right away. Simply review the details with your loan consultant and submit your signed agreement.
Step 3: Our debt negotiators will quickly begin negotiating settlements for your accounts. Once they are settled, you will make one monthly payment on your Consolidation Plus loan, so that you can get on the right track with your finances.

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