Thursday 30 November 2017

Why Truck Maintenance Is Vital for Keeping Your Transport Business Afloat

If you own a trucking company or any other transport company, you are responsible for the well-being of your vehicles. However, keeping your vehicles in full working order is not something you choose to do because it is fun or easy.

Why Truck Maintenance Is Vital for Keeping Your Transport Business Afloat

The reason you need to keep your fleet in top form is to ensure that your business runs without a hitch and safely. Many things can go wrong with a track because of wear and tear. It’s important to keep track of your vehicles to ensure that the downtime is minimal, or even prevented if possible.

Check Your Fluids Levels Before Setting Off

This is the simplest and the oldest advice you can get. Before setting off on a trip, especially if it’s a long one, make sure that all of your fluid levels are in order. A lot of things in your truck need fluids, including your brakes and your steering.
It is usually very easy to check the levels by yourself, but if you aren’t completely sure that you can do it, consult a professional truck mechanic or some other expert.

Clean the Fleet

Even though it is considered a cosmetic change, giving your truck a good wash is actually much more than a vanity thing. Too much debris and dirt can cause a lot of damage to the internal parts of your truck. A clog in your air intake can mean instant overheating and a lot of downtime. Aside from that, if some of that debris actually gets pulled into your engine, there’s no telling how much damage can be done to your engine.
Clean tires are also fairly important, both for better traction and handling and for braking distances and better fuel economy.

Check the Electronics

A lot of equipment in modern trucks is electronic, ranging from brakes to engine management to tire pressure settings. All of these devices are connected and controlled by a single onboard computer. That’s why you cannot risk any of the parts breaking down. If some part of your truck goes bad, chances are that the truck won’t start until the problem has been solved.
Another electronic device that people don’t think about much is the electric motor. These handy devices have numerous applications, including the use in trucks. 

Diesel Engines Need Attention, Too

Finally, the most important part of your truck – the diesel engine. These machines have become more complex over the years. Today, these devices have so many parts that it requires a very skilled and experienced expert to be able to diagnose and fix them.

Even though diesel engines are lauded as very durable and rugged, there’s a caveat to that claim which is not often mentioned. They can last for a very long time and are generally very reliable, but they still need to undergo regular maintenance. Some parts need to be replaced from time to time and, depending on the usage, that can be once a year or even once every few months.

Fuel Quality Checks

A big part of the durability of the truck parts comes down to the quality of the fuel you use. Make sure that you buy from reputable suppliers to prevent clogging of your fuel lines and uneven combustion temperatures.

Keeping just one truck in order can be hard, and the problems can mount as the number of trucks you have in your care rises. However, if you perform regular checks and keep to the optimal driving and maintenance options, your job can be greatly simplified.

Maintaining a trucking fleet is a demanding but essential task for any transport company. Ensuring that your vehicles are in top working order not only guarantees smooth business operations but also enhances safety. Regular checks and maintenance routines are crucial to minimizing downtime and preventing potential breakdowns.

One of the simplest yet most effective practices is to check fluid levels before any trip. This ensures that critical systems like brakes and steering function properly. Additionally, keeping your fleet clean helps prevent debris-related damage to internal components and improves overall vehicle performance.

Modern trucks rely heavily on electronic systems, making it vital to regularly check and maintain these components. From engine management to tire pressure monitoring, ensuring the functionality of these systems is crucial to avoid unexpected failures. Diesel engines, while durable, require consistent attention and regular maintenance by skilled professionals to ensure longevity and reliability.

Fuel quality also plays a significant role in the durability of truck parts. Purchasing fuel from reputable suppliers helps prevent issues like clogged fuel lines and uneven combustion, which can lead to costly repairs.

By adhering to a disciplined maintenance schedule and addressing issues promptly, trucking companies can keep their fleets running efficiently, ultimately leading to smoother operations and greater reliability.

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