Thursday 28 December 2017

California’s Title 24 Compliance through HERS Inspection

In the past decade or so, the California building industry is full of talk of Title 24 compliance and how to achieve it. In essence, it is an energy scoring system which brings rebates with it if you can attain it.

However, recently it has become firmly tied to another standard, one which has been around for a long time – the HERS inspection with HERS standing for home energy rating system. So, in order to qualify for the Title 24 energy code, you will have to have your house inspected by a HERS rater.
However, there are some questions on laymen’s minds, like what are these two standards and what do the raters do. Read on to get some idea.

What Does a HERS Rater Do?

HERS rater is an independent inspector who performs various aspects of your home in accordance with the HERS system. These inspectors are certified by a HERS provider, which makes them unbiased and should prevent any sort of corruption or malpractice.

What Does a HERS Rating Include?

There are several aspects of the inspection that needs to be performed. They use a variety of diagnostic tests to rate your home in energy efficiency in the key fields of energy consumption. The first part of the test relates to the heating and cooling systems.
Closely related to that part of the testing is the assessment of the supply and return of air in the air ducts. Finally, the quality of your building’s envelope insulation is checked.
After that is done, the rater will compile a detailed analysis of energy consumption of the residential building. This report explains how your home’s components affect your home’s energy consumption, including your windows, doors, and roof. At the very end, all these numbers are plugged into a software which calculates the energy rating of your home.
However, that is not the end of it. You will also be given a list of potential improvements which you can apply to your home, along with the amount of efficiency that comes with each improvement.    

How Do I Find a HERS Rater?

Well, the simplest way is to ask your contractor. Typically builders have a network of partners and trusted associates that they have cooperated with for a long time. However, if you want to find a more independent one, you can always go online and search for a HERS rating company that way. Finally, if you know anyone who has had previous experiences with HERS rating, they can suggest and recommend a company based on their experiences.

How Does All That Relate to Title 24 Compliance?

The requirement for Title 24 compliance is that your home has had at least one HERS rating, as well as achieved certain results in it. The aspects of HERS rating that are most related to Title 24 are those related to the insulation quality and the air ducts. That means that you should check your HERS score and do as much as you can to improve your insulation and ducts as possible.
However, depending on the part of the state you live in, other aspects of your HERS score may become more important. The desert regions will probably benefit more from improvement in the air conditioning and heating score, whereas colder and more humid parts of the state need to pay closer attention to air infiltration and overall insulation.

Apart from being required by law and for Title 24 compliance, HERS rating can do wonders for reducing your overheads each month. If you apply even one of the recommended improvements, you will start seeing the benefits really quickly.

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