Tuesday 23 January 2018

Balancing Academics and Relationships General


For some students, being in a romantic relationship is effective in helping them cope with the stress and demands of academic life. There are times, however, when juggling academics and romantic relationships become a bit too hard for students – what with the number of reports and papers they have to make and the number of late nights spent working on school demands and requirements. If you find yourself in a similar situation, read on as we give you tips and suggestions on how to effectively preserve and maintain romantic relationships without compromising your studies.

Learn to plan and manage your time

This is a way overused piece of advice, but it’s still effective nonetheless. By learning to plan and schedule your activities way ahead of time, you can anticipate the days or weeks when you’ll be too busy to spend time with your partner. This will at least give you the chance to properly explain to your partner how you’ll have to spend those days and weeks studying, writing papers and find your essay for free, and preparing for exams. Effective time management and planning will also help you get a good balance of social and academic life, which is absolutely necessary if you are to stay sane while you spend those long, grueling years in school.

Maintain communication lines even in the simplest ways
Regardless of how busy you are, try as much as you can to spare even just a couple of minutes to email, call, or text your partner. Many couples break up over lack of communication, so to prevent your relationship from going down the drain because of similar reasons, set aside a few minutes of your day just to check on how your partner is doing. Is your head starting to hurt from all the reading and studying you’re doing? Why not steal a few minutes from your studying time to call or text your partner? Not only will this let your partner know that you haven’t forgotten him or her regardless of how busy you are, you can also use these few minutes to take a short break from your intense study session.

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