Friday 29 June 2018

How a Cleaning Company Can Benefit From A Call Answering Service

When you think about it, who calls a cleaning contractor? It is primarily either potential or existing customers, and despite the digital advancement with the Internet and other platforms, the good old telephone still ranks as the most preferred way to communicate, especially in a business environment.

The urban cleaning company has little time to man the phones, what with organizing the various teams that must head about to carry out their daily (or nightly) contracts, and if you run such a business, you have likely missed more than a few calls along the way.
How a Cleaning Company Can Benefit From A Call Answering Service

Professional Scripted Greeting

The virtual receptionist answers all calls with a scripted greeting of your choosing and the service can be tailored to start and finish at specific hours. As the receptionist is fully briefed on your business, she can answer any queries potential customers might have. One such service is that of Office HQ call answering based in Sydney which uses receptionists with local accents, making your clients feel at home. Not only can you write the greeting script, but any special promotions or other important information can be relayed to the call-handling company, keeping everything up to date. If, for example, a potential client called and wanted to know which area you cover or if you handle domestic jobs, the virtual receptionist has all the necessary information to answer any query.

Message Taking

Smooth communication means everyone is always informed and with a virtual receptionist, message-taking is all part of the service, which ensures that all your employees are on the same page. This service is ideal for emergency call-outs or out-of-hours contact, and should someone make an inquiry over the phone, the virtual receptionist will pass on any related information to respective parties. If you would like to brush up on your message-taking skills, there are informative articles with some basic points that are worth noting.

Focus on the Task at Hand

A cleaning contractor would have many contracts, including offices, warehouses, factories, and even hospitals and other public sector buildings and this would typically stretch your staff, who have many responsibilities aside from answering incoming calls. Cleaning companies are usually very mobile and that can be a problem if there is no one in the office. Rather than hiring your very own receptionist, let the call-handling provider take the strain.

Essential Cover

Perhaps you have your own receptionist who is a key player in the team, handles all incoming calls, and generally keeps everyone informed. On those rare occasions when she is sick, the call-handling service will step up to the plate and continue her good work until she returns. Then there are annual holidays and losing someone in the office could result in lost business, but with a virtual reception provider, a simple call is all it takes to have your phones manned.

If you think you might be losing business due to unanswered calls or have an out-of-hours number you would like to cover, an online search is all it takes to put you in touch with your local call-handling provider, and together, you can ensure that all incoming calls are handled professionally and courteously.

In conclusion, for cleaning companies, ensuring efficient communication with clients is essential for maintaining professionalism and meeting customer needs. While the traditional telephone remains a preferred method of communication, the demands of managing cleaning teams and contracts often leave little time to handle incoming calls.

A call answering service provides a practical solution by offering professional, scripted greetings tailored to the company's preferences. This ensures that potential and existing clients receive courteous and informative responses to their inquiries, even during busy periods or after hours.

Moreover, message-taking services offered by virtual receptionists ensure seamless communication within the company, keeping all employees informed and allowing for prompt responses to inquiries or emergency call-outs.

By outsourcing call handling to a reputable provider, cleaning companies can focus on their core tasks without the worry of missed calls or disruptions. Additionally, having essential cover during staff absences or holidays ensures uninterrupted service and prevents potential loss of business.

Overall, partnering with a call-handling service enables cleaning companies to enhance their professionalism, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately, drive business growth. With the assistance of virtual receptionists, businesses can efficiently manage client communication and maintain a strong reputation in the competitive cleaning industry.

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