Tuesday 30 October 2018

How Much Money Do You Need to Become a Day Trader?

Becoming a day trader is a hot topic in these times, and for good reason. Many day traders have done very well in this market. There are all types of traders; some are only part time and others have turned it into a full time business. Whether you are ready to quit your day job to become a trader or you fill in your extra hours trading, there are some startup costs you should take into account. Depending on the type of trading you are considering, the requirements are different. Once you decide on the market and the style of trading, you can pretty much calculate what your expected costs will be.

Funding Your Account in the Stock Market

If you’re interested in working in the stock market, it requires a significant amount of cash up front. That’s why most beginners do not choose the stock market. Once a trader has been working a while and gained experience, then it makes more sense. According to recent regulations, a trader must make a minimum deposit of $25,000 in securities or cash with your broker. To achieve the status of day trader, you need to make at least four day trades per week. Since that account balance must remain at $25,000, you’ll need to have at least $30,000 to be a day trader. Unless you’ve just won the lottery, you probably won’t have that much disposable income to use for starting.

Minimum Amounts to Enter the Futures and Commodity Market

Futures and commodity markets are much more lenient than the stock market. Check around with different brokerages to find their requirements, but it’s possible to begin a futures account with only $2,500. A deposit of $5,000 or $1,000 is more typical, although this does not include the amount of capital in your account to be used as margin when trading specific futures contracts.

Beginning as a Forex Day Trader

One of the markets that is grabbing traders by the throat all over the globe is the foreign exchange currency market. Those entering into day trades in forex can find free access to trading platforms and can even locate a brokerage that doesn’t take commissions. In this instance, brokers would get their fees through the ask/bid spread. The sizes of the trading units are flexible and they can begin with practice accounts through their broker. Forex traders have the possibility of trading pics (or tick) sizes of less than $1.

How much can you open a forex account with? While there are some brokerages that do not require a minimum deposit, you will need to have enough money in your account to make a trade. There is a relationship between how much is in your account and the size of a trade you can enter. But really, with as little as $200, you can adjust the unit trading size in order to meet margin requirements. Of course, you won’t become a millionaire very quickly with only $200 in your account, but it can get you started!

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