Wednesday 14 November 2018

Buying Gold Bullion: Bars or Coins?

Buying Gold Bullion: Bars or Coins?
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Choose Wisely

As most experienced businesspeople will not need telling, it never pays to rush into a new business venture. This is especially true if we are not up-to-speed with all the ins and outs of the goods or services we are thinking of putting our hard-earned cash into. Indeed, whether we are new to the investing in gold bullion or not, making a decision on where to invest - whether in bullion coins or bullion bars - should take some consideration.

However, before we make a final decision after speaking to a friend or business associate with experience in bullion investment, it would be advisable to conduct some research as there is no definitive right or wrong answer -- this will often vary depending on the needs and circumstances of the individual investor. There are websites that help people new to investing in gold bullion have some idea on how to make their first purchase.

Nonetheless, failing to carry out proper research on the internet to help us determine whether to buy gold coins or gold bars will usually be something an investor will regret in the long run. But as there are lots of useful websites providing up-to-date information on all things to do with bullion trading, we should not find it too difficult to source well-written articles on the subject.

investing in gold bullion
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One thing that newbie gold bullion investors should take into consideration when thinking about which type of gold to buy is the value of their investment and the product premiums. Moreover, it is vital to take into account the length of time we plan on keeping the investment, the related capital gains tax and how we eventually plan to realise the value of our investment. If we want to buy gold now as part of a plan to preserve our wealth and then get a return on our investment at a much later time, we will have to decide if we are going to buy gold bars or coins.

According to experts in the trading of gold bullion, smaller unit gold bars like the 1oz and 50g bars - gold coins, in particular - offer greater flexibility at resale. Indeed, there are reasons this flexibility would come in use. You can release part of your investment for cash, or possibly part-sell the commodities. Fortunately for investors who would like some pointers on buying gold, there are some great sites offering tips on this matter.

Some of the more useful advice being provided by experts in buying gold for investment purposes are shown here:

1. Make sure you have direct ownership of the gold
2. Invest in legal tender coins
3. Ensure you have an investment horizon
4. Use your savings to buy gold

5. Store gold outside the banking system

Store gold outside the banking system
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Gold Bars

Another thing to think about when mulling over the options in gold bullion investments is that individuals, over time, would often want to change their portfolios’ balance. An investor, for example, wants to release half of his 20% of liquid wealth that is held in a 1 kilo gold bar to reinvest in stocks. However, in such a case, the investor would have to sell the entire gold bar or just leave it and miss out on the other potentially lucrative investment opportunities. With this in mind and everything already mentioned in this article, it would certainly be a good idea to seek advice from someone with proper authority on the investment of gold bullion.

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