Wednesday 28 November 2018

How Important Is Solution Architecture for Business

Modern technology has increased competition among the business community which has left no room for those entities that slack in the planning and execution of their strategies to meet their objectives successfully and profitably.

Businesses that are unable to maximize their return on investment (ROI), will invariably fade away onto the horizon sooner rather than later. Once strategies are planned it becomes imperative that they formulate proper procedures to ensure that they are efficiently implemented and executed to meet the final objectives.

How Important Is Solution Architecture for Business

Strategic enlightenment 

This is not what is happening in most businesses, and when the implementation and execution are constrained the final objective will never be realized. A book very well compiled and received by a large cross-section of the business community titled “Maximizing the ROI from IT investments” co-authored by Thomas Pisello and Paul A. Strassmann documents this issue in enlightening detail.

They contend with very relevant facts to substantiate their reasoning that after much investment being expended on software development only about 65% of it succeeds. They also point out that only 50% of projects are completed on schedule, on budget, and achieve functionality. The book also conveys some startling statistics claiming that only about 15% of all businesses would achieve overall perfection in all spheres of their business operations.

If what Thomas and Paul are enlightening in their book is true in practice then there is a very urgent need for all companies to look at their business modules with a microscopic eye and rectify the issues without any delay.

Every business whether big or small, would need to look at their operations and find the right solutions to ensure that they tread on the perfect path towards their objectives. This calls for intervention by a professional who has the experience and the expertise to look intently at the overall operations and find the perfect solutions. In business jargon, we would call it a “solution architecture document” which would try to close every loophole there would be that is constraining the business operations.

The solution architecture document

This document would come to be, if it has not already been compiled by some progressive thinking entities, to be the bible of all businesses going into the future. It would be the solution architecture document that would guide the company from inception to completion of projects, including marketing, sales, distribution, and every other operational aspect.

The solution architecture document would look into every little detail in the different operational processes and whilst addressing them extricate the specific problems and find the perfect solutions to rectify them.

Drawing up of the solution architecture document and expertly monitoring the process would need the input of a qualified and experienced solution architect, a new breed of professionals within every industry.

Entrepreneurs would know that every business would have it specific issues and it would be very rare that what would be relevant to one would be an issue in another. Hence each business would need to be looked at from its own perspective and that is where professional expertise is required when you draw up the most important solution architecture document.

The solution architecture document would identify the different ways that the company collects its market intelligence, how it would be analyzed the way it would be assimilated, and the right solutions found to counter competition. The financial aspects would also need to be looked at through a microscope because it is often said that a “penny saved is a penny earned”. It is only when the two ends of the financial thread join perfectly together that you can sit back and be contended that your business is meeting its planned and executed objectives to bring optimum results.       

Advantages of the solution architecture document

Businesses that have been in operation for decades would have their own strategies in place which would have brought them rich dividends in the past and, hence would have a sense of complacency built around them. The new trends that we see especially in the use of information technology strategies within any business module would keep the top line of these businesses intact to a certain degree but it is the bottom line that they would need to be looking at prudently.

The overall market for everything is growing and that fact could be easily substantiated by the steady growth in world population in general and in every individual country in particular. There would not be any doubt that they would be losing their market share slowly unknown to them. If the trend goes on at one point their business would not be able to break even and sustain itself and disaster could strike. This has happened to many businesses and when they are faced with such a predicament it would already be too late to initiate evasive action.

It is in such a context that the solution architecture document becomes very important because it would bring every aspect of the business onto the table and pinpoint where the issues are and what actions to rectify them are needed. To ensure that this document is precise in its formulation the business would need to expert services of a qualified and experienced solution architect who would not only draw it up but monitor it daily to ensure everything detailed out is followed as well as the gospel.


Every business whatever their standing in the market would need to have a solution architecture document and that should be their bible. Following it to every letter written on it would be imperative as everything on it is intertwined with one purpose, and that is to ensure that the two ends of every activity in the business meet at the right juncture without the minutest of deviation. There should be perfect harmony in every aspect and there would not be any room for complacency, slack, tardiness, etc.

The solution architecture document should be implemented with military precision if you are to see your business grow and become not just a successful business but a business phenomenon.  

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