Friday 12 July 2019

Is There A Best Time To Buy A House?

Is there a best time to buy a house? Well, with prices going up and down on an almost daily basis, it does make a difference when you buy. If, for example, you are planning to acquire real estate in the Sydney area, good deals go the very same day they are listed, so you really have to be on the ball.

It Depends On The Location

Some areas do better than others when it comes to home prices, so do a little online research, which will give you a rough idea of prices. If, for example, you are looking to buy in a Sydney suburb, this could prove to be a great long-term investment, although you will need to do your homework regarding promising areas that are in the early stages of development.

Independent Mortgage Brokers

Absolutely no one is going to take you seriously if you do not have mortgage preapproval, which is why you need to approach Mint Equity mortgage brokers in Sydney, as they can very quickly arrange preapproval, then you can begin your quest for the perfect home. Having mortgage preapproval allows you to make a quick offer, should you see the house of your dreams.

Are You Ready For A Relocation?

Are the kids in the middle of their academic year? A move might not be the best of ideas if your children are preparing for their important high school exams. Another thing to consider is your employment, and if the drive is doable and the fuel costs won’t be excessive, then moving soon won’t cause any problems.

Talk things over with the family before coming to any concrete decisions about moving, as this will reveal any shortcomings. If you would like some help with planning the move, there are articles you can find through a Google search on how best to prepare for a house move, which will prove invaluable.

Plan Ahead

There is so much to organise when moving, so once you have found your dream home, and the seller had agreed to your price, you really do need to get the ball rolling with the million and one thing you need to do. Things like:

·         Informing Local Services - Those services have to know your new address, or at least tell them you no longer require their services up until an agreed time.

·         Informing Your Friends - Imagine a lifelong friend driving hundreds of kilometres for a surprise visit, only to find out you moved a while back! Let all of your friends know when you have your new address, and by having a house warming party, they will all get to see your new residence.

·         Letting The Utility Companies Know Your Leaving Date - This is one thing that often gets overlooked, and by talking to someone on the phone, then backing that up with an email, you are sure to be disconnected on the agreed date and then you can settle the outstanding bills.

Land prices are what you should be looking at, and once you have mortgage preapproval from a leading local broker, you can start looking at areas where prices are lower and have a good chance to develop in the coming years.

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