Monday 11 November 2019

How to Choose the Right Small Business Funding Option

How to Choose the Right Small Business Funding Option

Starting a business is more than having a great idea, but entrepreneurs also need funds to bring their idea to life.

Gladly, there're several funding options and a range of lenders and investors to choose from.
Additionally, financing for businesses comes in various options, and the terms of financing vary significantly.

Your choice of funding option greatly affects how you structure and run your business.
So, when picking a business funding option, you need to consider how each one will impact you and your business across different verticals.

And in the article below, we shall look at some of the factors you need to consider when choosing the right small business funding option.

But before that, you can read this guide about funding your business.

Product Coverage

First things first, you need to consider the product coverage of a particular lender.
Traditional lenders, like banks, tend to focus on various funding options, including leasing, mortgage financing, asset financing, and more.
So, when you seek financing from these lenders, you’re more likely to fit into their bill since they’ll probably have a package that you want.
Additionally, in case you need to expand business or seek other forms of financing, lenders with a large product base will save you from the hassle of seeking alternative funding elsewhere.
On the contrary, seeking funding from lenders with a specialization feels like forcing a pen is a square round hole.
However, you might be lucky enough and fit their criteria.
Nonetheless, we recommend that you choose a funding option that gives you flexibility and choice when it comes to the types of loans.

Consider Repayment Terms

When choosing a funding option, you need to consider how the financing arrangement is structured to last.

Loans with a longer repayment period can build up a significant amount of interest over time.
Basically, when looking for the repayment options, consider the repayment duration, plus how much you need to pay.

Additionally, you need to consider the allocation of each payment to principal and interest; ideally, business owners should seek lender offering loans with a higher allocation to the principal, and this will go a long way in minimizing the total long-term cost.

Interest and Fee Structure

The ultimate decision to choose a funding option is largely dependent on the associated interest rates and fees.
When choosing a funding option, add up all the costs associated with the methods.  Some of these costs include interest rates, origination fees, and brokers’ fees.
Funding from options such as angel investors or venture capitalists, for instance, will not require you to pay immediately and may take up to years.  Funding by banks, on the other hand, comes with high monthly premium rates.

Funding Terms

Beyond the financial aspect, you need to consider other components of the financing, such as managerial or ownership.
Will funding limit your authority, or will it influence the management process?
Typically, a majority of the funding options will not influence your business, provided that you stick to the funding agreement.
However, other options, such as angel investors and venture capitalists, will require you to forego part of your business equity.
Depending on the funding provided, it means that you cease to have the full ownership of the business, and any management decision made will require authorization from other parties.
Equally, if you're a franchise and get franchisor funding, you must be ready to give up all the management decisions since all decisions, including product variation, branding, and more, will come from the parent company.

Safety and Regulation

The business finance sector is largely unregulated, meaning you don’t have similar rights of recourse you would expect.
So, to keep you on the safe side, choose funding options that are regulated.
Most importantly, find a funding option that maintains discretion on all your transactions and keeps your sensitive data, both personal and business safe.

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