Monday 2 November 2020

How A Business Can Save Money With A CMMS

How A Business Can Save Money With A CMMS

Most businesses have the same two priorities: to maximize revenues and reduce expenses. You may have heard the saying that preventative maintenance is better than reactive maintenance - but what does that mean? It involves proactive management and regular repairs, rather than finding a solution once a problem appears. To help businesses manage their assets, CMMS was created; this stands for Computerized Maintenance Management System software.

It’s tough to manage dozens of assets, including repair and maintenance schedules. That’s why CMMS software was developed; it organizes this information and automates the process. By implementing this software in your daily operations, you’ll see noticeable savings on your expenses. Here’s how:


Increases Efficiency

Think of all the time your employees spend writing reports, managing work orders, and scheduling maintenance. Their resources could be used for more important tasks. One of the benefits of CMMS software is that it will directly save your business on labor costs; the application will do this work for you, so your staff can do other jobs. It also eliminates the possibility of human error.

A CMMS does more than track assets. You can use this software to monitor the work schedules of your employees, too. Informed management creates higher levels of productivity and increased workplace efficiency. Workflow fluctuates day-to-day; some weeks, you might need more employees to handle a task, while other times are slower and you don’t need as many staff members present. Save on hourly costs by only scheduling employees when they’re needed.


Makes Inventory Management Easy

Have you ever made a sale, then realized you don’t have that product in stock? There’s nothing worse than disappointing a customer because you don’t have what they’re looking for, especially if you’ve told them otherwise. A CMMS software can help all staff members keep track of what inventory is available and what needs to be ordered. It will save you money by making sure you have all the parts that you and your customers need. Forget the fear of waking up at night and wondering, did I forget to order that part? You can simply check the software to quell your concerns.


Predicts Upcoming Expenses

Imagine how successful your business would be if you could see the future. There is something to be said about the value of an educated guess that’s based on data and experience. Luckily for you, there are ways to forecast events so that you can anticipate upcoming costs. To survive economic uncertainty, businesses must make challenging decisions about how to reduce budgets and refine operations. CMMS software will anticipate the next repair or maintenance service required on your assets. When you aren’t caught by surprise with these expenses, it will be easier to manage your money.

Is it worth the cost of repairing a faulty machine, or is it time for a replacement? This answer is situational, and determining the right course of action isn’t always easy. By using the data filed in your CMMS, you can make an educated decision based on the age of the machine, how many repairs it has needed, and how much it has cost your business overall. Taking diligent care of your assets will keep them working for longer, which saves you money over time. If you can extend the lifespan of your assets, you can delay the expense of replacing them.


Adheres to Safety Standards

In some industries, like manufacturing, machines must be maintained regularly to keep them up to safety codes. Without these checks, a penalty may be incurred at the next inspection. CMMS software will remind you when an asset is due for an inspection. This protects your staff from working with unsafe equipment. A machine that goes unchecked can break down and lead to a failure, which can cause your entire business to shut down for days or weeks at a time until you can find a replacement. You’ll save on unexpected system failures when you practice proactive maintenance with CMMS software.

With facility management software, a company can keep track of which assets have needed repairs in the past. A machine that’s broken down previously is more likely to have subsequent issues, so employees will know to keep an eye on it. Downtime is the enemy of any business, and it comes at a significant cost to your company. On average, outages cost a business $5,600 per minute. No work can be accomplished when your machines are out of order, as employees are forced to wait until the repair person arrives. You end up paying for reduced productivity while no work gets done. CMMS software makes it easy to see which assets are due for maintenance and repairs, and notifies you accordingly.


Businesses are always looking for new ways to reduce lost productivity and refine their operations. When you’re looking for ways to cut costs, increase profits, and spend your money efficiently, consider a CMMS. This software will record the valuable information that your business needs to maintain assets and keep track of inventory. Its benefits will create savings that you can reinvest to grow your company.

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