Monday 10 June 2013

My Business Has a Blog. Now What Do We Write On It?

Blogging is an inexpensive way to promote your business. If you do it well, you could direct clients to your website and ultimately to your business. Many businesses start a blog but then find themselves at a loss for what to write about. 

You don’t want to write promotional ads all day as that would alienate your readers and make them unexcited to revisit. Instead, make sure that your posts are interesting, appropriate, and well-written. Here are some ideas for writing on your business blog.

Blogging Workflow

Write About Something that Matters

When some businesses are at a loss for what to write about, they start writing about anything and nothing at all. Cats, insomnia, and pointless jokes are not good blog topics because they don’t further build your reputation or your authority in the minds of your customers. Instead, anticipate questions or needs your clients may be experiencing and use your blogs as a way of answering them.

This way, your clients or prospective clients will have reason to visit your blog, and your authority will continue to be developed.

Don’t Be Afraid of People Stealing Your Ideas

Some business owners worry that if they share their ideas for their business, others will steal them. But the fact is others will value your business more if they understand you and your ideas.

Write Good Titles

If you’re not sure what makes a good title, take a cue from popular magazine articles. Check out their titles and write titles that follow their lead.

Encourage Reader Interaction

Old Spice’s recent campaign is proof that readers enjoy the ability to respond. Old Spice’s viral campaign on YouTube proved to be very popular because it allowed and encouraged customers to ask questions and give responses and feedback.

Interview People in the Field

Most experts are happy to share their knowledge on a subject they feel passionately about. Sharing an interview is a great way of using the notoriety of an expert and linking that person’s authority to your business.

Invite Guest Bloggers

Incorporating customers or other experts in your field helps to create a sense of collaboration and community. You may also pull in readers who might not otherwise read your blog.

Do Employee Profiles

Employee Profiles highlight the talent in your company and increase employee morale. Emphasizing the employee’s particular talents will also lend credibility to your organization. And readers usually love reading biographies.

Use Your Voice

2012-342 Blogging B.E.A.D.

Some business bloggers go into a didactic professor-style voice when they sit down to write. People relate more to a personalized voice. Even though you’re an expert, you can still be personable and real. Share your vision, your personal commitment to the company, and even the struggles you overcame to get where you are.

Post Reusable Content

A portion of your content should be general enough and compelling enough that you can pitch it to other sites to increase your readership. Whatever you do, don’t post a transparent ad campaign. That’s the fastest way to repel your readers.

You’ve taken a good step by setting up a blog. Now just make sure the content furthers your brand and your reputation rather than taking two it two steps back.

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