Monday 10 June 2013

Stay off the Vicious Cycle of Credit Card Debt – Steps to Take to Beat the Odds

Figuring out how to manage your credit card debt can be a challenging task. But if you’re unlike others and you’ve determined to get them under control, you’re perhaps moving on the right financial track. Paying off credit card debt or eliminating altogether can save you a heap of interest rates in the long run. Whenever you take the decision of tackling your credit card debts, you should give a glance at the bigger picture to know how the entire nation is suffering due to the rise in the consumer credit card balances. This will help you realize the consequences of your bad financial habits faster. You might have incurred huge credit card balances due to your carelessness and if this is so, you need to take the required steps in order to beat the odds of credit card debt during this tough economy. Here are some questions that will answer your queries.

Stay off the Vicious Cycle of Credit Card Debt – Steps to Take to Beat the Odds

How should you decide which debt to pay off first?

Whenever you make a decision of paying down your credit card debt, you should start off with the idea about which debt to pay off first. There are two most common ways of paying down debt on your own and they are known as the debt avalanche method and the debt snowball method. While the former option helps you practically get out of debt sooner by repaying the high interest debt first, the latter option makes you repay the debt account with the smallest principal balance. The debt avalanche method is certainly better as you can start repaying your highest interest debt account first and thereby lower the pressure of accumulating interest rates.

Do you really need an emergency fund?

The financial analysts are of the opinion that worst times are coming again in 2012- 2013. This calls for an emergency fund as you will have enough funds to fall back on during harsh financial times. Make sure you save at least 10% of what you earn in a month and store that in the emergency fund so that you can immediately use them later on. As there are chances of yet another recession, you should be able to beat the consequences with your own funds rather than running to professional company for help.

Should you go beyond making just the minimum monthly payments?

Most banks and financial institutions will ask you pay just the minimum monthly payment on your credit cards as they can make you pay more as the interest rates will gradually accumulate. You should be able to pay more than just the minimum monthly payment so that you don’t leave yourself with enough debt amounts. Don’t fall in the trap of the banks as this is simply made in order to squeeze money out of your wallet.

Therefore, when you want to stay off the debt cycle by Paying off credit card debt on your own, ensure taking the important steps mentioned above. Try getting out of debt on your own so that you’re not charged with the unnecessary fees for services that you can do on your own.

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