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Top 5 Himalayan Monsoon Treks

With the advent of the Monsoon season in India, it delivers 70% of the annual rainfall in India. Monsoon is considered as one of the beautiful seasons, for traversing or enjoying its natural heritages, flora and fauna, culture and people. Be it the North West Monsoon or the South East monsoons, it brings the message of love and prosperity for the plants or the crops. Nature regains its beauty with the first shower of the monsoon, tending to purify and revitalize the land washing out the impurities.

Top 5 Himalayan Monsoon Treks

India has an important relation with the monsoon. With the beginning of the monsoon in India the dry lands change into green lands providing a new look to the earth. The water bodies like rivers, ponds and lakes are also filled with rainwater. Trekking during monsoon fetches a different kind of experience unlike the normal seasons. Trekking in Himalayan regions has always been a special one because of the picturesque view that it provides, but trekking the same in Monsoon enhances its beauty to a new level.

Top 5 Himalayan Monsoon Treks

We are going to show you the Top 5 Himalayan treks to be done during Monsoon. 

  1. Hampta Pass Trek
  2. Valley of Flowers Trek
  3. Bhrigu Lake Trek
  4. Beas Kund Trek
  5. Pin Bhaba Trek

1.   Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta Pass trek is one of the most popular treks in Himalayan region.  It is located at an altitude of 4270 m (14039 ft) on the Pir Panjal range. The trekking usually takes 6 days to complete. The difficulty level of the trek is Moderate level. The trek consists of many beautiful meadows, grasslands, mountain ranges, peaks, forests etc. The trek starts from the Ramsau village which is the base camp. One of the major attractions in this trek is the Kullu, it is full of beautiful grasslands, treks with beautiful flowers, oak trees etc.  Monsoon offers a great scenic beauty and trekking here at this season is a dream for trekkers.

Hampta Pass Trek

A brief outline about the trek is given below:

Day 1 : Reaching at the Ramsau Camp

Day 2: Ramsau Camp to Chikka Camping Site

Day 3: Chikka Camping site to Balu ka Ghera

Day 4: Balu ka Ghera to Shea Goru

Day 5: Shea Goru to Chatru camping site

Day 6: Finally return to Manali

2.   Bhrigu Lake Trek

Bhrigu lake trek is a high altitude trekking route mostly cherished by the experienced trekkers. The trek is beautiful with moderate levels of difficulty. The Bhrigu lake trek is named after the famous Bhrigu lake. This trek is located in the Kullu region of Himachal Pradesh. The trek duration is basically of 4 days and present at an altitude of 14,000 ft above the mean sea level. The Total trekking distance will be approximately 25 km. In this trek one could trek to the beautiful Manali Hills as well. There will be frozen lakes, snow capped mountain peaks, beautiful mountain ranges, valleys, forests, meadows etc. which will surely mesmerize the visitors during the monsoon season. Some of the important spots are : Mount Hanuman Tibba, Seven Sister Peaks, Indrasen and Deo Tibba, besides the beautiful scenery and landscape these are the special attractions of the Bhrigu lake trek.

Bhrigu Lake Trek

A brief outline about the trek is given below:

 Day 1:  Manali to Gulaba(driving) and from there trekking to Gulaba Meadows campsite

Day 2: From Gulaba Camping site to Rola Khuli

Day 3: From Rola Khuli to Bhrigu lake and then back to Rola Khuli camping site

Day 4: From Rola Khuli campsite to Gulaba and finally drive for Manali

3.   Beas Kund Trek

The number 3rd in our list is the beas Kund trek. It is also a popular trekking site during monsoons. It is also located in the Manali region at an altitude of 12,722 ft. above the mean sea level. The Beas Kund Trek derived its name from the famous Beas river which is seen to emerge from the high mountain ranges or peaks of the Pir Panjal. The total trekking length will be around 16km and takes generally 3-4 days to complete the trek. The trek starts from the Old Manali zone. Some of the major attractions of the Beas Kund Trek are: Friendship Peak, Ladakhi, Shitidar, Hanuman Tibba, Deo Tibba, grasslands, meadows, forests of coniferous trees, beautiful streams etc.

Beas Kund Trek

 A brief outline about the trek is given below :

Day 1: Reaching the Old Manali

Day 2: From Old Manali to Solang Valley and finally to Dhundi camping site

Day 3: From Dhundi campsite to Beas Kund , Bakartach and then return back to Dhundi

Day 4: Dhundi camping site to Solang Valley and then to Old Manali

4.   Valley of Flowers Trek

The Valley of flowers trek is an outstanding and an amazing trek loved by the people around the world, and so it is also known as one of the most beautiful treks present in the world. This trek is located at an altitude of about 3600m above the mean sea level in the West Himalayan region. The speciality of the Valley of Flowers trek is that the trekkers get the opportunity to experience a diverse variety of flowers, some of the rare species in the world, rich biodiversity and fauna, beautiful mountain ranges, valleys, grasslands and many more. Just after the monsoon the flowers start blooming and turning the valley into a natural heaven. 

Valley of Flowers Trek

So the trekkers usually trek here during the monsoon season. There is also the Valley of Flowers National park which contains some of the endangered species found in the region. The famous Nanda Devi Peak, which is considered as the second highest peak in India can be clearly visible from the Valley of Flowers.

5.   Pin Bhaba Pass Trek

The Pin Bhaba Pass Trek is situated at an altitude of about 16.125 ft. above the mean sea level. The trek is with a moderate level of difficulty. The Pin Bhaba Trek generally takes 8-9 days and the trek length will be approximately 48km. The starting point of this trek will be Shimla and the ending point will be at Manali. The major attraction of this trek is that the trekking route will be regions resembling deserts which are encircled by the mountains from all sides. 

Pin Bhaba Pass Trek

There will be beautiful mountains, forests, high mountain peaks, monasteries belonging to the Buddhist religion and many more beautiful spots to make the visitors completely numb by its divine beauty.

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