Tuesday 30 July 2013

Carrera Sunglasses: Bright Ideas For Choosing Your Branded Statement Sunnies

Aviators. Cat-eye. Wayfarers. Oversized. Printed. There is a perfect style of sunglasses that will suit every style preference and personality. What would your absolute, hands-down signature pair of sunnies look like? The thing about choosing your own sunglasses is that you tend to get overwhelmed by your choices. There are simply way too many spectacles in the market today. Here is one guaranteed option to narrow down your selection: go for branded sunglasses.


Carrera Sunglasses: Bright Ideas For Choosing Your Branded Statement Sunnies

With branded sunnies like Carrera sunglasses, you are not only assured of quality but also of style options that are sure to be versatile as well as timeless. So even when you do end up with something that appears to be quite on trend — for instance, oversized square frames with camouflage print — you can still wear it in any season, with any wardrobe, and you will look impeccably chic every single time.


But before you focus on the style, turn your attention to the materials and construction. What lens type does the eyewear use? What is the frame made of and does it appear to be comfortable and durable? Each pair of Carrera sunglasses is built with key design principles that marry form with function. So the brand is not just about eye-catching opticalstyles. Its vintage line called Icons, for one, combines bold styles and craftsmanship, with frame materials ranging from optyl (lightweight and hypoallergenic) to plastic. Your prescription will ultimately guide your eyewear needs if you need sunnies for utility and not just for style.


Aside from the materials and construction, look for Carrera sunnies with polarized lens types that also deliver 100 percent protection against harmful UV rays. Whether you need to customise your Carrera eyewear with complex lens types like bifocals or varifocals, you need sunnies that reduce glare (especially when driving) and deliver complete protection against harsh exposure to sunlight. Incidentally, for outdoor activities in and around the country, Carrera’s Icons line offers multilayer, anti-glare protection.


Once you have settled on a pair that gives you proper protection wherever you are, then you can focus on the style. Naturally, when one thinks of “statement sunnies,” one comes up with vivid, extraordinary shades that pop. To make sure the shape (e.g., aviator, pilot, or cat-eye) and design (e.g., camo print, red temples with matte metallic finish, or double bridge with thin temples) of the frame look good on you, go with ones that complement the shape of your face as well as the colour of your hair or your skin tone. When you find a pair that does both, you can look effortlessly stylish — even when you are reading The Sun at an outdoor cafĂ©.

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