Tuesday 16 July 2013

How To Guarantee Construction Workplace Health And Safety

Risks and hazards exist in almost any workplace, be it an office or a construction site, endangering the health and safety of the workers. But risks and hazards do not merely refer to dangerous or toxic substances that are often associated with certain industries. It can also refer to unsafe practices that can harm those present in the work environment like horse playing, forgetting to return equipment to its proper place, and operating machineries without looking at the instruction manual.


How To Guarantee Construction Workplace Health And Safety

In the construction industry, among the most common risks and hazards are the noise and movement of heavy equipment and falling debris. In order to minimise risks and hazards and prevent any untoward incidents from happening and hampering operations, all those seeking employment in the construction industry, from workers to apprentices to project managers, are required to get a White Card or Occupational Health and Safety Certificate.


In order to place great emphasis on workplace health and safety, Queensland and other states and territories require all persons employed in the construction industry to have a White Card. Should any worker be caught without one, both the worker and his employer will be subjected to heavy fines.


The safety training course covers several important matters including the requirements outlined by occupational health and safety laws, identifying risks and hazards in the workplace, the responsibilities of every person working in construction, and identification of duty care.


If you are looking to get a White Card, you can choose from face to face training and online training.


In conventional training, the course is typically completed in six hours. Here, people get to interact directly with both other people wishing to obtain a White Card as well as the instructor. In turn, this allows people to immediately clarify issues that they do not understand. It also helps foster an environment of collaboration.


On the other hand, online training can be completed much quicker, typically taking just four hours to finish. One of its advantages is that the person undergoing training can do so at his own pace, right in the convenience of his own home. He does not have to travel and brave the traffic or inclement weather.


Safety inspectors in all states in Australia recognise White Cards, regardless of whether they are completed online or offline as agreed upon in the Mutual Recognition Principles. However, in South Australia, it is up to the construction site manager to decide whether to accept or reject a White card obtained online.

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