Wednesday 17 July 2013

How to Save Money When Filing for Green Card?

How do you begin?

First, read up on everything you find online concerning your Green Card application. Of course, reading this article would be a part of the process.

This helps you get an overview of what is about to come. Moreover, you get a clearer idea regarding your status and how you can adjust it.

What’s next?

Since you have a job or perhaps jobs to juggle with, it would be rather difficult to manage, collect, and file the paperwork needed to file your Green Card application.

That’s why most people hire immigration lawyers to deal with the entire paperwork. Moreover, the paperwork which involves many legal terms has to be meticulously checked over and over again before it is sent to the USCIS for approval. Not only, will he manage your paperwork, he will also deal with the staff at USCIS who are usually indisposed to talk much or reply to queries. 

As you would be visiting the lawyer often during the process, it is best to hire an immigration lawyer near you.

How to Save Money When Filing for Green Card?

How do I know that I have chosen the right immigration attorney?

The truth is in Research! The more you have read about the basics, the better you will be able to judge whether the attorney is suitable for your needs or not. If he is wasting your time or trying to dazzle you with the bounty of his knowledge, you will know.

Ask him to state the facts as they are and be straightforward in his approach. It is not necessary that if you pay high fees to an attorney he is bound to be good and ones charging less are not as efficient.

Since you will need to visit often, select an immigration lawyer near you.
The immigration lawyer will guide you as to what documents you need to start gathering and how you ought to be filing them. Once you have prepared the file, the attorney will check it and recheck it before it can be submitted to the USCIS. 

Finally, once the file has been submitted, patiently wait, until you are asked to proceed with the immigration medical exam.

What’s the immigration medical exam?

The immigration medical exam is a mandatory procedure conducted by a USCIS-approved civil surgeon or panel physician. 

The doctor needs to be USCIS-approved. He fills in the i693 form during the examination and signs it once the medical exam is cleared.

Where do I find a USCIS-approved doctor?

There are some free online resources available featured with USCIS-approved doctor locator to find such doctors near your zip code.

Does my insurance cover the cost of the Green Card Medical?

No, your medical insurance or any other insurance for the matter will not cover the cost of the Green Card Medical. You need to bear these costs yourself. The charges can be anywhere between 200 USD to 500 USD depending on your geographical area.

How much time will the medical take?

The medical will take nearly 4 to 5 hours so try and take the day off from work. There will be follow-ups later in the week. Adjust your job timings accordingly.
Once the examination is done, the doctor signs the i693 form and hands it over to you in a sealed envelope which goes to the consulate. Patiently wait for your interview call and give it your best!

Navigating the Green Card application process can be daunting, especially while balancing work and other commitments. Seeking guidance from immigration lawyers can streamline the paperwork and alleviate the stress of dealing with legal terminology and USCIS staff.

Researching immigration attorneys thoroughly is essential to ensure that they meet your needs and provide transparent, efficient service. While costs may vary, prioritize finding a knowledgeable attorney who communicates clearly and is easily accessible.

Working closely with your attorney, you'll gather the necessary documents and prepare your application meticulously before submission to USCIS. Patience is key as you await further instructions, including scheduling the immigration medical exam.

The immigration medical exam, conducted by a USCIS-approved doctor, is a crucial step in the process. While not covered by insurance, locating an approved physician and scheduling time off work for the lengthy exam is necessary.

After completing the medical exam, the doctor will sign the required form, which is then sealed for submission to the consulate.

As you await your interview call, stay proactive and prepared, knowing that you've navigated each step of the Green Card application process with diligence and determination.

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